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にわたって ([にわたって] )(niwatatte)
    Meaning: over; span(ning) の間(の); に広がって; の間続いて
    Example: His interests span many fields.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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*This grammar can be used to describe time, distance, or extent/scope.

N + にわって・にわたり
N1 + にわたる + N2

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ex #294   1月4日16時から1月6日20時頃にわたって一部のグリーティングカードが届いていないという障害が発生いたしました。 
Over the period from Jan 4th, 4pm to Jan 6, 8pm a fault to the effect that some greetings cards have not been delivered has occured.  
ex #887   東京から静岡にわたって地震がありました。 
There was an earthquake which extended from Tokyo to Shizuoka.  
ex #5016   老後にわたって社会保険制度の安定が必要です。 
The stability of a social security system extending into old age is necessary  
ex #5696   あの子は英語、ドイツ語、中国語、フランス語、日本語にわたっていろいろな言葉を知っています。 
That child knows many languages ranging from English to German, French, Chinese and Japanese.  
ex #6433   ゲイツ氏は、今後10年間にわたって7億5000万ドルを寄付することにしました。  
Gates has decided to donate 750 million dollars  over the next ten years.  
ex #6434   彼のファンは三世代にわたっています。  
His fans span three generations.  
ex #6435   彼の仕事は、その業界のあらゆる領域にわたっている。  
His work runs the spectrum of the industry.  
ex #6436   この曲は現在数週間にわたってチャートの1位を記録しています。 
The song has topped the charts for several weeks now.  
ex #6880   デモは、10年間にわたって行われた。 
Demonstrations occurred for a period of 10 years.  
ex #6881   人類は長い年月にわたって努力を重ね、ついに月へ飛行に成功した。 
Mankind, during long months and years accumulated great effort, and finally went to the moon with success.  
ex #6882   参加国の首相による話し合いは、五回にわたっておこなわれた。 
According to participating nations prime ministers, conferences occurred over five times.  
ex #7200   チンさんは病気のため、2か月にわたって学校をやすんだ。 
Mr. Chin was due to sickness、he has absent from the school for two months.  
ex #7201   広範囲にわたった海の汚染が、問題になっている。 
The pollution of the sea that extends widely becomes a problem.  

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AmatukaMore like "over the period, throughout the span, across the range" 
dci think it has "crosses over" meaning too, as this phrase is sometimes used when revenue crosses over a breakeven point. 
dcanyway, flagged. 
AmatukaGot an example for the "crosses over" meaing? 
bamboo4I am not sure if わたって has the meaning of "cross over." I think you use "越える" You would say 収益が損益分岐点を越えた when revenue crosses over a breakeven point. 
dcVery similar to o tsuujite (2) and o tooshite, but only used for things that have finished. O tsuujite (2) and o tooshite are used for ongoing things. Always follows a noun. 
curtisI am thinking that にかわって means " in place of" ...please look at this sentence. 父にかわって、私が結婚式に出席しまた。This also follows the form of にかわり instead of.  
curtisoops...wrong one...sorry  
bamboo4If you are thinking of "わたって" as having the meaning of "cross-over," then わたって would have to be rendered as 渡って which would mean "cross over" as you do over the bridge.
ludiWhat's the difference with にかけて ? 
rubyhatchetludi, にわたって means "over" or "for" as in, "for over 10 years."
にかけて means "to" as in, "from January to April."
seanohagan6880 should say hours not years in the English translation. 
赤毛Thanks for the comment seanohaganさん.
I fixed the Japanese version according to it.
Miki#5696 Changed from あの子は英語ドイツ語中国語フランスから日本語にわたって to あの子は英語、ドイツ語、中国語、フランス語、日本語にわたって
I am not sure if "knows many languages" means いろんな言葉をよくできます。Maybe いろいろな言葉を知っています。would be better.

ShidareCan anyone explain the difference betweeen にわたる and にわたって?

Specifically, I am looking at a question that says 2年(    )新しい道路の建設工事がやっと終わった。

I do not understand why にわたる is correct にわたって and is not, according to the answer key.
SeilannHere for the same reason as Shidare. Anyone? gives this:
名詞 + にわたって ・ にわたり
名詞 + にわたる + 名詞

But it doesn't seem consistent.

The reason why it is にわたる is because it defines what the noun is.
This can be separated like this:
建設工事 = Construction work
道路の建設工事 = Construction work of the highway
新しい道路の建設工事 = Construction work of the new highway
2年にわたる新しい道路の建設工事 = Construction work of the new highway that spanned 2 years

So the real noun here is 道路の建設工事, but 「2年にわたる新しい」defines some properties to the noun as well. This grammar is very common when you describe something about a noun. Other examples may be:

This is a cat that eats mice.

You need to have the verb in it's dictionary form to define something about the noun that comes after ^^

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