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によると [によると] (niyoruto)
    Meaning: according to
    Example: according to the news
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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(person/source) によると (information)
according to (person), (information)

According to him, it will rain tomorrow

Don't get confused with によります niyotte-2 which means depending on.

depending on the weather, I will come

according to the weather report, it will rain tomorrow

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ex #50   友達の話しによればあの映画はとても面白いということです。 
According to what my friend said, that movie is very interesting.  
ex #1204   米国NBC News、ロイターなどの報道によると、ブッシュ米大統領が、新しい宇宙探査計画の発表を準備しているとのことだ。 
According to America's NBC News, Reuters and such news agencies US President Bush is in the process of preparing an anouncement of a new plan for space exploration  
ex #3342   電灯の発明はエジソンによるとされている。によるとされている。  
The invention of electric light is accredited to Edison.  
ex #3343   彼の概算によると家の新築費用は3000万円です。  
He estimates that the new house will cost roughly thirty million yen.  
ex #3344   彼は自分の成功を、良い教育を受けたことによると考えた。 
He attributed his success to the good teaching he had received.  
ex #3345   彼らが行った調査によると、アメリカ人は日本に興味を持っていないことがわかる。  
The research done by them shows that Americans are not interested in Japan.  
ex #3346   彼らの話によると、あの男の子は歌がうまいらしい。  
According to their opinions, that boy is a very good singer  
ex #3347   副社長によると、会社はいまだに外国の会社から契約をもらっていない。  
According to the vice president, the company has yet to receive a contract from a foreign company.  
ex #3348   聞いたところによると彼らの結婚は破綻をきたしているらしいよ。  
From what I've heard, their marriage is on the rocks.  
ex #6742   医者の話によると、この病気はすぐによくなるというものではないらしい。 
According to what the doctor said, this illness doesn't seem to be one you can recover from quickly.  
ex #8542   報告書によると、この病院の患者の3分の1は12歳以下だった。 
According to the report, a third of the patients in this hospital were under 12 years of age.  

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AmatukaFirst example : によれば is used much as によると, but obviously doesn't have quite the same kana ;-) 
AmatukaI don't think 'nioujite' is that close in meaning. 
MikiI agree with Amatuka. 
dchow about:

@ niyoruto =
"according to.." (eg a person who said something)

A nioujite =
according to a certain condition (eg according to how strong you feel... do X or Y). Guess this is more like "depending on/according to (your mood)"

can niyoruto be used for the same second meaning?
体力 によると、運動をして下さい。
exercise [according to] your strength
Miki体力によると、is weird. 
dchmm, maybe
niyoruto: according to a persons statement
"according to fred/the news/your mum..."

nioujite: according to a condition, or situation
"according to your certificate/the rules/whats written here..."
dcmaybe nioujite is more used for measurable items that vary.
(your age | air pressure | time of day) nioujite

and niyoruto is more reports/information
(your friend | the news | that report) ni yoruto

... ?
bamboo4に応じて means "in step with" or "in response to" and that is quite different from によると, which simply denotes what you are describing is a hearsay. 
Snakein response to that tairyoku ni yoruto;
how about 体力の限界の内に、どんどん運動をして下さい
MikiThe Japanese is not natural. This would be slight difference but would be better. 体力の限度内(げんどない)で、どんどん運動してください。or できるだけ運動をして下さい。This would be used when a doctor advise a patient how to recover faster. 
uyeni would like to ask about the structure of the sentence in which "によると”has the meaning"according to". In vietnam school, i studied its tag is "そうです”or "ようです”and i seached in this webpage but i cann't find it. please explain it to me. thank you very much.  
Mikiex#3342 (by), #3344 (based on) these によると are not "accodring to".  
Mikiuyen eg #50 you can also say 友だちの話によれば、あの映画はとても面白いそうです。 
nadineIs it ok to add によれば under the notes/examples as well? (There's currently no entry for it). 
wribbitOne thing which I've learnt, but never really understood is that:
先生の話によると is correct, but
先生によると is wrong.
May I ask if there's any explanation for this?

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