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によって [によって] (niyotte-2)
    Meaning: depending on
    Example: depending on the weather, i will come
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #1309   天気によっては来ます 
depending on the weather, i will come  
ex #1310   結果によっては採用しないことがあります。 
Depending upon the outcome, you may not be hired.  
ex #1311   天気によっては中止することがあります。 
Depending upon the weather, the event may be cancelled.  
ex #7179   景気にようってはメキシコに行きます。 
Depending upon the finances, I will go to Mexico.  

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bamboo4天気によって来ます is weird. It should be "天気次第で行きます."
dchow about
bamboo4If you say 天気によっては来ます,it is very likely that you are talking about some third party or things. Like in Nikko, there are many monkeys, and you can say that to indicate that those monkeys will show up depending on the weather.

If you are talking about yourself, it is normal to say 天気によってはゆきます or 天気によっては帰って来ます but one do not normally see 来ます very often.

Snakeerm, sorry my encoding messed up again, that first line should be "saiyou shinai _koto_ ga arimasu"

delete button doesn't seem to work :(
dcsnake hiya - deleted your mojibake post above... dunno why your delete btn is not working - are you logged in?
also the encoding, i haven't seen probs with. what browser/OS are you on?
Mikidc, I cannot delete my comment, too. When I am logged off, I cannot see delete btn. でしょ? 
MikiI could delete an example I added. 
dcyes, you can only delete your own comments - so you have to be logged in so the system knows which are yours! otherwise an anonymous user could come in and delete everything... 
SnakeI was logged in, and i tried it again just then logged in, but no go. I'm using Opera though.. gomen
dcdang. that would class as a bug then. might be Opera cookie/session handling. I recommend firefox but IE seems OK too. 
bamboo4Firefox cannot handle Japanese fonts. 
Mikiex1309 天気 によっては 来ます can also be used such when you were at a gathering and asked if you comes to next gathering. 
一郎:「次回はきますか?」Will you come next time?
dcI use Firefox and have had no problems with japanese fonts..? 
jmadsenIs this the same, or a variation on, かによる?
lucinda lohmanootaHi-General comment. When I log in and browse, the screen jumps all over the place. When I log OUT, the problem is cleared up. For example, I get to the entry I want to look at, and the screen reverts to the beginning of the section. Any suggestions? 

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