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〜の [〜の] (no-2)
    Meaning: Turn a phrase ending in a verb into a 'noun phrase'
    Example: Getting married is such an effort!
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #720   結婚するは大変だ。 
Getting married is such an effort!  
ex #757   「さあ、皆さん、正々堂々戦いましょう」全選手が周りに集まるを待って先生が言った。 
"Well, everyone, let's play fair and square." the teacher said after waiting for all the players to assemble * .  
ex #836   夢に耽ったり、生きることを忘れてしまうはよくない。  
Becoming absorbed in a dream, forgett ing to live is no good.  
ex #8635   私も買い物に行くが好きです。 
I also like to go shopping.  
ex #8689   アルバイトをしながら学校に行くは大変ですね。 
Having a part time job while going to school is hard, right?  

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  • no    (Don't get の 'makes noun phrase' mixed up with の 'use noun to modify word'.) [Amatuka]
  • no-3    (Don't get の 'makes noun phrase' mixed up with の 'question particle'.) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaPossibly also 'verb phrase'. Must check some time. 
Miki大変 in context has meanings of "such an effort" or "difficult".  
9000This use of の looks similar to use of "koto" (事) after verbs, doesn't it? Like in "話す事 が 出来る" = "I can speak". 
DarrkAngelYes, but their uses have different rules. Koto is used for more abstract things than no. 

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