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のもとで [のもとで] (nomotode)
    Meaning: based on, under
    Example: under his guidance I was able to pass the test
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see basis-of-action-group for similar items and comparisons. 

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ex #573   先生の指導のもとに試験に受かる事が出来ました。 
based on / under the teachers coaching I was able to pass the test.  
ex #3271   国連から派遣された医師団のもとで救援活動が続けられた 
Under the guidance of a team of doctors dispatched by the United Nations, the rescue operation continued.  
ex #6642   のもとではすべての人は平等だ。  
All men are equal under the law.  
ex #8381   好奇心が知識のもとである。 
Curiosity is the beggining of knowledge.  

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dc#3271 i translated/suggested english.. 
Mikiex3271 Japanese is a past sentence. 続けられる→られた 
DrJonesex #8381 is wrong; in that example, で belongs to である, not to もとで. 

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