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抜き [ぬき] (nuki)
    Meaning: without
    Example: sushi without wasabi
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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N + ぬきで・ぬきに
N1 + ぬきの + N2

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ex #298   全部食べないとデザート抜きですよ。 
You can't have dessert until you finish your meal.  
ex #3279   その話はぬきにして飲みましょう. 
Let's drink without getting into that topic.  
ex #3280   昼飯ぬきで仕事をした. 
I continued work without having lunch.  
ex #5929   私は、塩ぬきのフライドポテトを注文した。 
I ordered french fries without salt.  
ex #6404   冗談は抜きにして 
all joking aside  
ex #6615   冗談抜きで、ちょっと大切な相談があるんです。  
Seriously, I have something important to discuss with you.  
ex #6616   お世辞抜きに、君の日本語は本当にうまいよ。  
I am not flattering you. Your Japanese is really good.  
ex #6883   コーヒーは、砂糖ぬきでお願いします。 
Coffee please, without sugar.  
ex #6884   冗談ぬきでまじめに考えて 
Without jokes, please think about it seriously.  
ex #6910   朝食ぬきで学校に行く子供が多いです。  
There are a lot of children who to go school without breakfast.  
ex #8386   堅苦しいあいさつ抜きでやりましょう。  
Let`s do away with the formalities.  
ex #8387   コーヒー抜きで働くのは苦痛であった。  
It was hard to work without cofee.  

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AmatukaLit: "If you don't eat everything you do without dessert!" 
anonex#3276 彼女はコートなしで出かけました。would be better. 
bamboo4I agree. One would not say コートぬきで出かける.
dcwhats the difference tween nuki and nashi? someone explained it nuki is usually used when you something is unexpectedly without. eg chips without salt. correct?
Also, nuki seems more formal
dcmoved the coat example to nashi 
Mikinuki 抜き→抜く here mean to omit or remove somthing. It would't be always unexpectedly happen. When you order わさび抜きのすし sushi without wasabi、you know it.
nashi 無し→無い means something is not there.
They are sometimes used in a similar way like
寝坊したから、朝ごはんなしだった。/ 朝ごはん抜きだった。
As I slept over, I had no breakfast. / I skipped breakfast.
Mikiah, ↑ not slept over, I want to change it to 'as I woke up late.' 
anonwoke up late = overslept.
slept over = stayed out at someone else's house
tigertIs this the same nuki used in babanuki? 
karekanoYes, it is, tigert-san−>婆抜き。 

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