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を契機に [をけいきに] (okeikini)
    Meaning: on the opportunity of
    Example: if you do A, do B at the same time
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #653   大統領が中国に行ったのを契機に万里の長城を訪問しておりました。 
When the president visited China, he took the chance to visit the Great Wall.  
ex #741   オンデマンドを契機にダンボールから印刷までサービス. 
Taking advantage of on demand [production techniques, we do] a service for everything from cardboard boxes to printing.  
ex #6918   新しいCDを契機に、彼は人気者になりました。 
He became popular as a result of his new CD.  
ex #8394   それを契機に彼女は新しい商売を始めた。  
Taking the opportunity, she started her new business.  

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dcを契機に is very formal. also see ついでに - much more common in real speech 
bamboo4You are entirely correct. BTW, 中国に 行ったの を景気に should be corrected to read: 中国に 行ったの を契機に. Japanese is cursed with too many homonyms and heavily reliant on kanji, as you know. However, Japanese also benefits from it. What other language would have such simple and effective device to identify intercalary months as 西向く武士(にしむくさむらい)?

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