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フィードバック [フィードバック] (oldSiteFB)
    Meaning: Please offer feedback on the new site (design, functionality, etc.)
    Example: thanks.
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: admin
    Author: dc

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    KinneasThe tiled background images are chotto distracting. Plain colors are still better IMHO. 
    dchmm, thats another vote against the background images! 
    LeslieKeep up the changes re: content presentation, but lose the background design and go for a solid complimentary color. It is a untidy distraction that looks like a yard sale poster pasted on my grandmother's livingroom wall. Hope that is not too harsh. 
    Leslieor maybe just rejig the colors to be comlimentary, then try for a 5% transparency? Maybe a bad idea... 
    dcwhat backgrounds ;-) 
    Gregi think the words are too small. 
    bamboo4I also think words are too small. For an old man like me,looking at this site alone gives me a repulsive feeling.Ca't you hide those tiles on the left hand side of the window and make them pop up as you need them? Also,the procedure for adding an example is confusing, because bunch of functions are bound up together. When you go to add an example, you never know where to put the Japanese version and English version, respectively.

    That's enough for now.
    ToraI use MacOSX, I tried both Safari and Firefox but I can't display the pages.. When I click one of the links on the left it gives an error like this:

    Warning: main(/home/jgram/ [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.cailin/jgram/ on line 195

    Hope you can fix it somehow, maybe it's a temporary thing :|
    yookosoHi Tora,

    That was a coding error (renamed a file by mistake) not a setup specific problem. It should be fixed now so please try again...
    eastmaelThe daily grammar's a good addition to the site.. As of the moment, I still haven't browsed the whole site, but from those that I've seen, I'm satisfied. :) And also, the left panel's nicer.. :) 
    ChristopherThis is not a comment on the look of the site, so much as it is a comment on the structure of the grammar lessons. You have them split into four levels of learning, which I think is a great idea. It splits it up so that someone who is farther along can go to a more difficult section to study, etc. But as a language teacher, I find one very big error in the site, and that is that many--if not most--of the examples used in the levels 4 and 3 groups, are too difficult for an actual learner of that level to comprehend. Your examples in levels 3 and 4 should be as simple as the grammar you are teaching. Instead, you are using sentences that are far advanced for the beginning student, illustrating the use of "ga" or "wa", but using advanced sentence techniques to do it. If you want to make this site truly fuctional for the student of Japanese, you have to use example sentences that correspond with the level in which those examples are being placed. 
    dcchristopher - thats a very accurate comment. we got those examples from one big database. maybe the examples themselves all need to be tagged with a "level" and then the viewer could set what level they want to view examples at. But thats a big content editing task... any other ideas, or source databases of open-source EN+JP content at set levels we can access? 
    ChristopherThat would be a really useful device if viewers could choose what level of sentence examples they receive. And you're right, that is a big content editing task. At the moment I'm not sure of any other ideas to make content editing easier except to perhaps ask the contributors to the site who regularly comment, and who are native speakers of Japanese who also know English, to perhaps add appropriate examples of their own for the lower levels. Levels 2 and 1 most likely do not need as much revision because the student of those levels has learned quite a bit by then, so it would really only be the grammar in levels three and four that would require a concerted effort to revise. Those regular commentors could use the "add your own example" function to add simpler sentence examples in hiragana and katakana even. Three or four people doing that at whatever pace they're comfortable with would most likely take care of the problem over a period of several months. As for other open source English/Japanese content sites that are accessible, I'll take a look around and see if there are any I can find, but as of now I'm unaware of any.  
    dcC - if we added the "example level tag" feature to the database, would you contribute by editing/level tagging a bunch of the examples?  
    LucidorI can't comment the design changes as I just found this site, but I think the site itself is great! I haven't had much time to look around yet, but what I have seen so far is almost exactly like the site I thought about making. Thank you for saving me from that trouble! :^) 
    ramubasically it is good.student can get exanples from jimbreen's to examples students nedd more about the grammar explanation,exceptions,limits method of usage and comparision with similar meaning grammar phrases 
    dcramu - thanks for adding notes. i edited a couple of your comments - did you know if you put grammar tags in square brackets you create links. for example your notes on this kudasai page. 
    tawThere's a bug: if there are 2 identical pieces (like two "ni"s), the software won't accept it if I use them in different order that it wants me to. 
    bamboo4As a native speaker, I don't understand these distictions as to Level 1,Level 2 and so forth. How you determine the level for a given sentence, which I assume would be a difficult task in itself.
    PaulOI think there's a font sizing issue with those excellent flash-animated grammar tests. On Windows XP with Firefox 1.0.3, the longer sentences run outside the visible area in the flash window. Great site BTW. 
    ninja_kbamboo4 - the levels the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level. 日本語能力試験  
    ochachaStupid person question, but... How do you open the square bracket links? They look fine, but anytime I click on them they claim the grammar entry doesn't exist. At first I thought the pages were just deleted, but it's literally happened for every single one. I doubt that many pages were deleted... 

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