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っぽい [っぽい] (ppoi)
    Meaning: -like
    Example: It is a child-like expression.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: bi-ru

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The following is a subject of debate among native speakers: っぽい (っぽ) can only be used for comparisons to what the speaker considers commonly accepted knowledge. Young people hold no such restrictions, but the older generation does (>_ 
*How to use this grammar as an adjective or adverb (works just like an い adjective): 「〜っぽい + N」 or 「〜っぽく + V」.
Example: 子供っぽい人 [a childish person]
子供っぽく見える [look childish]

V(minus ます) + っぽい
いA(minus い) + っぽい
N + っぽい

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ex #5537   子どもっぽい表現だという印象があります 
The expression has a childish ring to it  
ex #5729   かわいいっぽい上原さん。  
Ms. Uehara, how cute-ish you look.  
ex #5730   なにっぽいって! 
What do you mean, -ish!  
ex #5737   ローラちゃんは色っぽいよ。 
Laura is sexy!  
ex #5821   あの黒っぽい服を着た人はだれですか。 
Who is that person in blackish clothes?  
ex #6219   ジョンは怒りっぽい 
John gets angry easily.  
ex #6220   彼女は、飽きっぽい性格で、今までに職場を何回か変えている。  
With an easily bored personality, she has changed jobs countless times up to now.  
ex #6221   怒りっぽい人は、友達が少ない。 
An easily angered person has few friends.  
ex #6558   あの子供は、大人っぽい 
That child acts very adult-like.  
ex #6559   年を取ると、忘れっぽくなる。 
As you get older, you start to become forgetful.  
ex #8397   っぽい状態で 
In a feverish condition condition In a feverish condition  
ex #8398   君の欠点は忘れっぽいことだ。  
The trouble with you is that you are forgetful  
ex #8399   いたずらっぽい微笑  
A wicked smile  
ex #8400   あの話は嘘っぽい 
That story sounds incredible.  

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cdo4#5729 and #5730 are a dialogue taken from the TV show "London Hearts." The host calls one of the girls "cute-ish" and she snaps back at him with #5730.  
Mikiその話しは、うそっぽい The story is too goo to be true.
愚痴っぽい、飽きっぽい、熱っぽい、忘れっぽい、理屈っぽい いかにも****という感じ
かわいいっぽい might be created recently.
blabbyI never really knew why people say 風邪気味 and 熱っぽい. I used to always make the mistake of saying "風邪っぽい". 
Miki"風邪っぽい" might be wrong but people including me use the expression. 
The GeneralThis is in my JLPT 2-kyuu grammar book but it is not listed as 2-kyuu grammar on this site. 
NihonjinIsn't かわいいっぽい (ex #5729) wrong? From the notes at the top of this page: "いA(minus い) + っぽい". So it should be かわいっぽい, right? 
skySomebody knows the meaning of あぶらっぽい? 
KWhazitあぶら is fat or oil... っぽい is an -ish kind of meaning... so あぶらっぽい is fatty or greasy (often used to describe food) 

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