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最中に [さいちゅうに] (saichuuni)
    Meaning: right in the middle of
    Example: Right in the middle of the ceremony, the lights went out.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Just as~ is happening. Express that something stops another thing already in progress. 

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ex #70   考えている最中に、話しかけられて困った。 
right in the middle of thinking, someone started talking to me.  
ex #363   [スクリーンセイバーのオフ] ゲームをやっている最中にスクリーンセイバーが起動されるのを防止します。  
(Screen saver -> Off) Prevent the screen saver starting up in the middle of playing the game.  
ex #3062   冬の真っ最中の登山は十分な冬山の経験がなかったらやめるべきです。 
You should stay away from mountain climbing in the midst of winter unless you have ample experience in mountais in the winter .  
ex #6125   食事をしている最中に地震が起きて、大騒ぎになった。 
Right in the middle of a meal, an earthquake occured, and there was a giant uproar.  
ex #8413   彼の演説の最中に中座する。  
Leave in the middle of his speech  
ex #8414   彼女は食事の後片付けの最中だった。  
She was in the middle of washing up.  

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AmatukaHappens to me all the time since I got a game controller - it doesn't count as 'activity' as far as the OS is concerned ;_;. 
your nameThis word can also be pronounced "sanaka", and has appeared in that form in several JLPT 1 guidebooks. 
Snaketheres also 真っ最中, meaning in the midst of, e.g.
受験の真っ最中 - in the midst of taking a test.
MikiWhen we say 受験の真っ最中 it means being in the exam season. ex 受験の真っ最中ですが、気分転換にディズニー・シーに遊びに行きました。in the midst of taking a test would be just '受験中に' or '試験中に'. 受験 might be special. 
bamboo4As compared with 真っ最中(まっさいちゅう)、真っ直中(まっただなか)I think has more of an urgency or reality.
Snakeah ok thanks, I thought there may have been that sort of nuance to it (saw it in GTO ^^) 
bamboo4What the hell is GTO?
MikiGreat Teacher Onizuka 
bamboo4Okay, you compelled me to ask. Who is GTO?
dcThis やつ! 
bamboo4I see, thanks! You guys float in a dimension that is completely alien to me. But, its alright, I don't wanna know. 
Mikihmm Pls do not includ me in the guys. 私は、おたくじゃない!There was TV drama, GTO, starred by Sorimachi and Fujiwara Norika. 
nazonatte69Is this similar to 途中?、してる間? 

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