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せっかく [せっかく] (sekkaku)
    Meaning: with effort
    Example: I took the trouble to go and see him, but he wasn't there
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #1068   せっかく会いに行ったのに、友達はいませんでした。 
I took the effort to go and see my friend, but he wasn't there  
ex #1069   せっかくいい大学に入ったのだからよく勉強するつもりです。 
I worked hard to get into a good college, so I intend to study hard  
ex #6201   人がせっかく作ってくれた料理を食べないのは失礼だ。  
It's impolite not to eat food which someone has taken the trouble of preparing for you. (from An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese)  
ex #7008   せっかく彼女に手紙を書いたのに、送るのを忘れちゃった。 
I took the effort to write a letter to her and forgot to send it.  
ex #8601   せっかく母親が買ってきたシャツをどうしても着ようしなかった。 
After all of the trouble my mother went to buy the shirt, I did not wear it.  

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    dcIs this just used when the outcome is negative?
    I went to all the effort to do X, but 残念 it didn't work out...
    like けっきょく
    dcsekkaku always seems to come at the start of a sentence 
    MikiI don't think the outcome is always negative as the exmplaes show.


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