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せめて [せめて] (semete)
    Meaning: at least, at most a small thing
    Example: at least I want to finish
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #1173   せめてなべでもあれば、ご飯が炊けるんですが 
If we at least had a pot, we could cook rice  
ex #1174   せめてつまらないものですが、、 
at most an uninteresting thing, but ...  
ex #2929   せめて両親には分かって貰いたいんですが 
At least I want to be understood by my parents  
ex #4143   じゃ、せめてテーブルの準備でもしましょう。 
At least let me help with the table.  
ex #4144   せめて後十分待ってくれませんか。 
Can't you wait just ten more minutes?  
ex #4145   せめて謝ってくれてもいいのに。 
He might at least apologize.  
ex #4146   せめて日常会話ができるくらいになりたい。 
At the very least, I'd like to be able to have everyday conversations.  
ex #4147   せめて病気のときぐらいは、お酒を飲まないぐらいの分別は持つべきだ。 
You should have enough sense not to drink, at least during your illness.  
ex #5001   せめてもう一日あれば 
Had we at least one more day!  
ex #6524   せめてもう一度だけ、笑顔を見せて。 
At least show me your smiling face just one last time.  

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bamboo4I don't like the second example. せめて is not used that way. 
dcwould you use seizei instead?
bamboo4せいぜい also does not cut it. If you really want to use it in the context of the second example, it would be like せめてもと持参したつまらないものですが(it's an uninteresting thing that I at least brought," but that's really stretching it. 
MikiYou can say せめてのもの instead of せめて. せめてのもの is stronger than せめて. 
Mikiex1174 J is weird for me. Did you mean ほんのつまらないものですが ? 
LittleFish攻めて and 責めて are the only two kanji that come up for this word. 責めて means to criticize, condemn or blame. Maybe せめて means (at it's core) "Even if you closely examine this situation, x should be expected." I don't know if this is true or not, but it's a thought. 
bamboo4攻めて and 責めて are not equivalent of せめて, but せめて did derive from 責む in 連用形 form with connective て. In archaic use, there were several other meanings associated with せめて, but what we now have is "although not sufficient, at least this much if the situation compels."  
bamboo4I agree with Miki-san re ex1174. As he says, it shoud be ほんのつまらないものですが and therefore does not belong to this thread.
nadineBeg pardon but what is the difference between せめて and つくなくても ? 
yookosoThis isn't JLPT 1. My guess is level 3 or 2 but I don't know for sure which. On another note, does anyone besides me always get せめて and せいぜい confused? If so, does anyone have a good memory technique? 

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