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〜次第で [〜しだいで] (shidaide)
    Meaning: depending on
    Example: depending on the weather, we'll go
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex# 1624 The words, or predicate, "to go" should perhaps be in parenthesis as the decision could be of any nature (e.g. the decision to: plant seed, play outdoors etc. ) 

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ex #365   行動次第で物語は意外な方向に進むかもしれません。 
Depending on your actions the tale may well proceed in an unexpected direction.  
ex #1624   天気次第でゆくかどうか決めます。 
Depending on the weather, I will decide whether to go or not.  
ex #3105   わたしがご一緒するかどうかはすべてあなた次第ですよ。 
Whether I would accompany you would be completely up to you.  
ex #3114   お暇なわけじゃないけど、 お礼次第では、手伝ってあげないものでもないね。 
It is not that I am free (right now), but depending on the gift, it's not that I would not help (you).  
ex #8425   食事はワイン次第である。 
Wine can make the meal.  
ex #8561   裸足で歩いているので、足が傷になっている次第だ。 
certainly a wounded leg, because walking barefoot.  
ex #8562   落し物次第で、警官に報告することだ。 
when there lost stuff, should be reported to the police.  

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Mikiex#3114 hmm Japanese is strange... I would say,
うわぁ、たかびー(高飛車)な発言!peremptory manner
bamboo4I don't think its 高飛車. I edited it, but post your comment if you don't like it. 
MikiIs it anything to do with my preference? If the Japanese sounds correct, I don't mind. I think that generally males use the expression you put.
I'd rather feel むかつく or 頭にくる if I were told in that way by someone not close. I am very sensitive as you don't know. I don't mean you are not sensitive. :P
bamboo4I would feel the same way, if I was told お礼 次第 では、手伝ってあげないものでもないね。 I misunderstood your 高飛車 comment. My bad. 
halxAlso in the form 次第だ, but a meaning similar to わけだ. 
halxAlso in the form 次第だ, but a meaning similar to わけだ. 
halxAlso in the form 次第だ, but a meaning similar to わけだ. 

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