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しかし (然し・併し) ([しかし] )(shikashi)
    Meaning: However, but けれども。だが。前に述べられた事を受けて、それとは対立する事柄を述べ始める時に使う。
    Example: But now things have changed a lot.
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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Shikashi is used to show criticsm or a different point of view. It can also be used to show the speakers begrudging resistance on an idea or order of action whether it be him or someone/something else. I really think this should be focused at the end of one's studies for JLPT4 as conjunctions should be the last focus for your journey. I teach Japanese myself at and know hands on what people mess up on. 

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ex #873   しかし今や事態は大きく変わった。 
But now things have changed tremendously.  
ex #874   アカスギを材料に巨大でグロテスクな、しかし美しい円柱を作った。 
They made huge, grotesque, yet beautiful poles of red cedar.  
ex #2908   この文書には契約法上の問題はほとんどない、しかし税法上の問題は多々ある。 
This document is essentially free of contract law problems, but it has a number of tax law issues.  
ex #3284   しかし、私はあなたが大好きですよ。 
However , I really like you.  
ex #7771   しかし、外国人と仲良くするのはあまり簡単ではありません。 
However, making friends in a foreign country is not too simple.  

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AmatukaMake that usually used at the start of sentences. 
dareka "この文書には契約法上の問題はほとんどない、しかし税法上の問題は多々ある。" 0.o Wow, now that's what I call an example  
metaphistI've heard that が as a conjunction between sentences can also mean "but." Is that different from this? 
bamboo4When you use が in that context, you would very often use が、しかし.....
brettkunDon't forget keredomo and keredo and kedo
brettkunFirst you say _____ then to contrast say shikashi then ______

also If something couldn't be done or was lacking ______ shikashi _______ something else that could be
brettkunkeredomo. vs keredemo and demo

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