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始末だ [しまつだ] (shimatsuda)
    Meaning: Unfortunately, (it has become ~)
    Example: Unfortunately, it came to the point where he had to borrow money.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: blabby

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Verb(辞書形) + しまつだ。

The result is always something bad.
Meaning: Finally, on top of that. Used to describe when something bad becomes worse. 

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ex #5435   あの二人は犬猿の仲で、ちょっとしたことでも、すぐ口論になる始末だ 
Those two don't get along very well. Unfortunately , at the drop of a hat, they start arguing.  
ex #5436   友達に借金までするしまつだ 
Unfortunately, it has got to the point where he has to borrow money from friends.  
ex #5437   この始末は、今まで述べたとおりです。 
Just as I said, it turned out like this!  
ex #5984   離婚したうえに、首にまでなるしまつだ 
On top of getting divorced, I got fired from my job  

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blabbyI think this is similar to "〜してしまった" or "〜ということになっちゃった".
In my grammar book, there is no kanji but if you do a google search, 始末だ comes up often.
I'm not very confident about example #5437...
Miki#5437 Do you mean 結末 ketsumatus instead of 始末? 
blabby#5437 is copied exactly as I found it. I'm not quite sure about it because it is not at the end of the sentence as all the other examples are. 結末 and probably even 結果 sound like they would be good in context. 
bamboo4In #5437,始末 means "from the beginning to the end" whereas in all other examples, 始末 is used to mean "situation" or "circumstances."

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