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しまう (仕舞う・終う・了う) [しまう] (shimau)
    Meaning: Vte, (Definitely, completely [often to ones regret] do V)
    Example: Now you've gone and broke it.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #831   もう〜。また皿を壊してしまったか。 
Good grief. (That) another plate (you've) gone and broken?  
ex #833   夢に耽ったり、生きることを忘れてしまうのはよくない。 
Becoming absorbed in a dream, forgetting to live is no good.  
ex #5306   あなたは笑われてしまうでしょう。 
You will be laughted at.  

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AmatukaFormed from Vte + shimau.

Note that shimau conjugates as a normal godan verb.

Vte = -te form verb (死ぬ -> 死んで)
AmatukaNote that the Vte+shimau can be shortened in one of two ways depending on the kana used for the 'te' form verb.

e.g. 死んでしまう → 死んじゃう
凍えてしまう → 凍えちゃう
AmatukaNot always used in negative nuance. 
tarun ranathis is very good  

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