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するべき・ほうが良い・しなければならない ([するべき・ほうがよい・しなければならない] )(should do/better to/ought to/have to)
    Meaning: you should これをした方よい
    Example: you should do this
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: lesson
    Author: dc

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There are various levels of suggesting/asking/telling/ordering someone to do something in japanese, just like in english.

In general order of the strength of the suggestion:

hougaii = better if/ought to
it would be better if you do this

it would be better to do it this way

you should exercise more

beki = should
You should do this
(it sounds stronger in Japanese, I guess.)

nakerebanaranai = must/have to
You must do this

hitsuyou = neccessary
it is neccessary that you do this

gimu = obligation
you are obliged

zaruwoenai = required to (formal) eg by law
it is required to do this (eg by law)

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    AyumiI see "Ai subeki" a lot. I was wondering if that is the same thing, since it looks like it should be "ai suru beki" Or is it even the same thing? 
    Chrisyea, すべき is するべき 
    悪循環I was wondering if 〜ないとis a shortened version of
    〜なければなりません. Does anyone one know?
    jayati I think nakereba narimasen no short form is nakya. 
    zigboycorrect me if i misunderstood.. i think 〜ないと alone is incomplete (unless its 〜ないと。。。in which the obvious is omitted), しないといけない = しなければならない。 

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