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ついでに・を契機に・をきっかけに [ついでに・をけいきに・をきっかけに] (simultaneous-actions-group)
    Meaning: while doing A, do B
    Example: I went to the shop on the way home
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: lesson
    Author: dc

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Since doing one thing anyway, do something else at the same time.

tsuideni since, anyway doing A, do B
= since you're going to the post office anyway, can you mail this letter for me?
The most casual form in daily use.

okeikini = on the opportunity of A, did B
more formal and used written, but similar meaning to tsuideni
大統領が中国に 行ったの を契機に 万里の長城を訪問しておりました。
= When the president visited China, he took the chance to visit the Great Wall.

okikkakeni = implies more cause and effect. Often used when a major event occurs and gives you a chance to also do something else:
子供が生まれたの をきっかけに タバコを止めました
= Since I had kids, I took the opportunity to quit smoking
= as a trigger
It’s easy to confuse tsuideni with gatera.

gatera, both actions are of equal importance,
tsuideni implies doing one thing, and then just adding something else at the same time, "since its there anyway"
kanete implies combining, not just time-related.
combined the sightseeing and business trip
mixing work and pleasure
katagata is similar to tsuideni but more formal 

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ex #6684   用事で都心へ出たついでに、美術館をのぞいてみた。 
Since I went downtown anyway with business, I had a look at the museum.  
ex #6685   (コピーをしている人に)すみません、ついでにこれもお願いします。 
(to smb that's making some copies) Sorry, but as you are making those anyway, please make this too!  
ex #6686   大学入学をきっかけに、一人暮らしを始めた。 
Since I entered University, I started living alone.  
ex #6715   病気で 入院したのをきっかけに、タバコをやめることにした。 
By the time of hospitalization because of disease, I decided to stop tobacco.  
ex #6716   松川先生との出会いをきっかけに、私の人生は変わりました。 
My life changed sparked by the time I met Professor Matsukawa.  
ex #7049   旅行をきっかけにして木村さんと親しくなりました。 
Whilst on holiday with Mr Kimura I started to get on with him.  

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yookosoSomeone more knowledgeable should update the Notes section to include something about totomoni, sukini, and nagara. Also, something seems to have happened to the entry okikkakeni - it no longer exists. 

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