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隙に ([すきに] )(sukini)
    Meaning: While 〜 To take advantage of a moment of time to do something (there is an element of cunning in its meaning) 時間に少し開いている隙間を最高の機会とし、そのチャンスを逃さないうちにずるかしこい行為をする。
    Example: (1)kare ga yudan shiteiru suki ni kishuu shite hoshin da zo. The best thing to do is to attack him when his guard is down.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: kadoka66

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ex #6343   皆さん、ジョンさんがいないすきに、サプライズパーティーを整えましょう。 
Lets prepare the surprise party for John in his absence.  
ex #6344   皆が前を向いているすきにぎゅっと手を引いてほしいんだ。 
I want you to take me by the hand while everyone else is looking the other way.  
ex #6346   先生が余所見をしているすきに、ラブレターをきみが渡してくれたんだな。 
While the teacher's attention was momentarily distracted you passed me a love letter didn't you.   
ex #6979   彼女は気がつかないすきに、彼女にキスした。 
While she didn't pay attention, I kissed her  

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TensighIs this the same "suki" as in "sukiari", like when someone drops their guard and you grab them? 

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