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少し [すこし] (sukoshi)
    Meaning: a bit...
    Example: A bit cold
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: funfactory

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ex #869   かれは少しおそいですね。[kare ha sukoshi osoi desu ne.] 
He's a bit late isn't he?  
ex #4721   もう少し居てもいいですか 
Can I stay a bit longer?  
ex #4927   「水を少しくださし。」「いいですよ。」 
"Please give me some water." "All right."  
ex #4928   11時15分前を少し過ぎています。juuichi ji juugo fun mae wo sukoshi sugiteimasu. 
It is a little after a quarter to eleven.  
ex #4929   あそこは少し高すぎると思います。 
I'm afraid that place is a little too expensive.  
ex #4930   あなたの報告書には少し間違いがあります。anatano houkokusyo niwa sukoshi machigai ga arimasu. 
There are a few mistakes in your report.  
ex #4931   お茶が濃すぎるので少し水を加えてください。ocha ga kosugiru node sukoshi mizu wo kuwaete kudasai. 
The tea is too strong. Add some water.  
ex #4932   今日は少し寒い。kyou wa sukoshi samui. 
It's a little cold today.  
ex #4933   この靴は少しゆるい。kono kutsu wa sukoshi yurui. 
These shoes are a little loose.  
ex #4934   このスープは塩が少し足りない。 
This soup needs a bit of salt.  
ex #4935   このスカートは少しきついのです。くのすかあとはすこしきつのです。[kuno sukāto wa sukoshi kitsu no desu.] 
The skirt is a little tight for me.  

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AmatukaDon't get sukoshi confused with chiisai
少し : sukoshi samui desu (a bit cold)
小さい : chiisai neko desu (a little cat)
Amatuka少し 【すこし】 (adv,n) (1) small quantity; little; few; something; (2) little while; (3) short distance; (P)
MikiRoma-ji in red is wrong, it should be s_U_koshi. 
Amatuka*sigh* romaji will be the death of me. 
bamboo4彼は少しおそいですね is a bit confusing because it could also mean "he's a bit slow." 彼はすこし遅れてますね would sound clearer. 
GenkiGuyex #4934 - "This soup needs a bit of salt." reads better in English. 
dcactually the translation is not that literal. 足りない means not enough. so "this soup's saltiness is not quite enough". i prefer literal translations as my english is fine - would rather know exactly what the japanese way of saying it is. 
彼はちょっと遅いですね。Would be better? 
bambo4彼はちょっと遅いですね would be better, but we are here concerned with すこし.
KWhazitFor #4934, how about "This soup is [a bit] short on salt" or "This soup isn't quite salty enough"? 
herinapotterWhat's the difference between 少し and ちょっと? 
IMABISukoshi is more formal than chotto. I teach Japanese myself at
Course not as near as much stuff as this place does but it's just gotten started. Of all my time learning Japanese this place is the best.

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