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する [する] (suru)
    Meaning: to do (irregular verb)
    Example: I study Japanese.
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: lesson
    Author: TaeKim

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There are only two irregular verbs, kuru (to come) and suru (to do).

The verb "suru" is probably the most often used verb in Japanese. It is used as "to do," "to make," or "to cost". It is also combined with many nouns (of Chinese or Western origin) to make them into verbs.
(joe cello)

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ex #5004   明日掃除するよ。  
I will do my laundry tomorrow.  
ex #5005   彼が電話したら、どうするの? 
If he calls, what will you do?  
ex #5892   テレビの音を大きくした。[Terebi no oto o ookiku shita.] 
I turned up the volume of the TV.  

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  • itashimasu    (itashimasu is like a keigo (super polite, humble) version of suru) [dc]
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Amatuka常体 = Plain / Direct form ~る[~ru]
敬体 = Polite / Distal form ~ます [~masu]
AmatukaNote that in textbooks outside of Japan する suru is usually introduced as an 'irregular verb'.
However inside Japan it is referred to as サ変, also still can be used for some other verbs (e.g. 準ずる).
Similarly the 'irregular' verb くる kuru is referred to as カ変.
PopoWhat is Shitara

Shita is did but what is the ra for?
dcshitara... if/when you do/did
look at the tara entry.
Miki#5004 I will do my laundry tomorrow. is 明日洗濯するよ。掃除する is to clean etc. 
balrog-kunAs I understand it, したら in #5005 and した in #5892 are forms of する -- maybe they should be marked red in the examples. 
Prof3ssor MGWSo are suru & shiru conjugated the same? 

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