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唯でさえ ([ただでさえ] )(tadadesae)
    Meaning: To add to, something alone is normally enough 普通の状態でも、それでなくてもいい。もうこれだけで十分だって意味
    Example: This neighbourhood was already noisy enough but this week they started construction work
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: kadoka66

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ex #6361   もうこの近所はただでさえうるさいところが、今週は近くで工事が始まったため、夜は一睡も出来なくなった。 
This neighbourhood is already normally noisy enough but this week construction started nearby so now I can hardly get a wink of sleep.  
ex #6362   もうただでさえ迷惑をかけているのに〜 
Haven't you caused enough trouble already?  
ex #6363   これは ただでさえおいしいものが、さらに我が隠し味を入れたら美味しくてたまらなくなるよ。 
This is normally really delicious anyway but if you add our special ingredient it will be irresistable.  
ex #6981   今日はただでさえ忙しいのに、母に買い物に行かされた 
To day, I'm already busy enough but ,my mother wanted me to go shopping  

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