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為 [ため] (tame)
    Meaning: In order to, because of, for
    Example: I telephoned to make sure he was coming.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #721   彼が来る事を確かめるに電話をした。 
I telephoned to make sure that he was coming.  
ex #722   彼は、去年老齢の、なくなった。 
He died last year of old age.  
ex #723   このキーは何のの物ですか? 
What's this key for ?  
ex #3147   外国人ののいい辞書がない 
There are no good dictionaries for foreigners  
ex #3148   日本人は会社のによくはたらきます 
The Japanese work hard for ( the sake of ) their company  
ex #5938   何の為に? 
What for?  
ex #6670   雪がたくさん降ったため試合が中止された。 
Because a lot of snow fell, the match was canceled.  

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AmatukaTwo slightly different usages here (split them out if you want to).
1. 'In order to'
2. 'Because of'
AmatukaUsually either ___の為に___ or [V-る]為に___.
But not always :-P
AmatukaHey DC, I'm catching up with you on Grammar entries :-P 
dcthats why i made the batch form, so i can speed ahead!  
Granthah, I've NEVER seen the kanji for tame before.  
dctame is also used sometimes to mean "therefore/so", like node

nothing pops out,so the user doesnt know what to do
Saralynne為 seems a bit like the word 'para' in Spanish... give or take a few uses, no? 

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