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たりとも [たりとも] (taritomo)
    Meaning: Even only / Even merely / Even just
    Example: Don't waste even just one cent!
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: blabby

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Small amount + たりとも。
Often the small amount starts with a 1. 1円, 1分, 1セント, etc.
〜たりとも...ない  : (1円/一日/...)

often with negative potential form, できない、許されない

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ex #5442   ご飯の一粒たりとも無駄にするな! 
Don't you dare waste even one grain of rice!  
ex #5443   こんなテレビゲームをやる時、一瞬たりとも気を抜くことが出来ない。 
With this type of video game, you can't afford to lose your concentration for even just a second.  
ex #5444   1センチたりとも進まない。 
Not progress even a centimeter.  
ex #7062   一分たりとも無駄に出来ないぞ。 
(We) don't have a minute to waste!  
ex #7798   試合の最中は、一瞬たりとも油断はできない。 
We can't afford even a moment of carelessness during the game.  
ex #7799   何人たりともここに入ることは許されない。 
Not one person can be allowed to enter.  

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    bamboo4#5444 is awkward. You just use も in that case and say:

    1センチも進まない or 1センチも進むことができない.
    たりとも in such cases is used to prevent or deter the progress. E.g., 1センチたりとも進ませない.
    agree with bamboo on #5444 
    PaulBesides which "Not progress" is bad English. 
    サリルAgree with bamboo 

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