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たとえ [たとえ-ても] (tatoe-temo)
    Meaning: even if
    Example: even if you
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Using たとえ before 〜ても(でも) is simply for stronger emphasis.

たとえ + Vて形 + も
たとえ + いAて形 + も
たとえ + なA + でも
たとえ + N + でも

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ex #272   たとえ医者でもガンには勝てません。 
Even if you are a doctor, you can't beat cancer.  
ex #1119   たとえ冗談でも、それはないでしょう. 
Even as a joke you can't mean that.  
ex #1120   たとえどんなことがあったとしても.... 
Come what may.....  
ex #6166   たとえ難しいことが多くても、成功するためにがんばろう。 
Even if many difficulties lie ahead, I will do my best to succeed.  
ex #6167   たとえきらいでも、野菜を食べないわけにはいきませんよ。 
Even if you hate them, you have no other choice but to eat your vegetables.  
ex #6168   たとえ手術を受けても、完全には治らないだろう。 
Even if I have surgery, I'll probably never fully recover.  
ex #8035   たとえみんなに反対されても、私は正しいと思ったことをする。  
Even though everyone says differently, I still believe I was correct.  
ex #8461   たとえ雨が降っても出かける。 
I`ll go out even if it rains.  
ex #8462   たとえ彼がいやだと言っても、私たちの言い分を彼に聞いてもらう。  
Even though he says no, he shall hear us out.  
ex #8463   両者の間には、たとえあったとしてもごくわずかしか、相違はありません。  
There is little, if any, difference between the two.  
ex #8464   たとえ100歳まで生きても、私はピカモ理解できないでしょう。  
If I should live to a hundred, I will never understand Picasso.  
ex #8465   運転する人は、たとえどんなに腕がよくても、運転免許試験に合格しなければならない。 
Every driver, however skillful he is, must pass a driver`s license test.  

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AmatukaSee also 例え話 たとえばなし (speaking hypothetically)  
MikiDCへ ひらがな in the title shoulbe be た_と_え. 
AmatukaGot it. 
tragIn addition たとえ (and also たとえば)means "example."  
Mikiたとえ、たとえば meanings example is written 例え、例えば in kanji. 
sagittariusperhaps the heading for this section should be 「たとえ〜ても」? 
sagittariuswhat's the difference in nuance between a たとえ〜ても sentence and a plain ても sentence? #272 could also be written 医者でもガンには勝てません, couldn't it? 
Lau777Can this be used in the negative past tense 「たとえしまなかったも・・・」 and have the same meaning as in English (If it hadn't been done...)? 
karekorasagittarius, use たとえ〜ても instead of the normal 'plain' ても when you want to emphasize your point more 
tigertしまなかったも??? なんだろう 文字化け? Lau777 I think you could use しなかったら to have the meaning if it wasn`t done.

もし 生徒たちが勉強しなかったら、 そなに難しい試験が無理だけど...

if the students had not studied, a test this difficult would be impossible but... (of course they studied so no problems)
Izumi19My teacher taught us たとえ。。。たって(だって)。I think the meaning is the same (even if...), but I can't remember for sure. Anyone know? 

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