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て形+くる (て来る) [てくる] (tekuru)
    Meaning: Vte go, do something, and return
    Example: I'll go buy the newspaper (and come back)
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: bi-ru

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ex #3134   新聞を買ってくる 
I'll go buy the newspaper. (implying you'll be back)  
ex #3136   医者に行って薬をもらってきました 
I went to the doctor and got some medicine (and came back with it) .  
ex #4963   日本語が少しずつ分かってきた 
Little by little, I  came to  understand Japanese.  
ex #4964   物価が下がってくる 
Prices continue to fall.  

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    dc contrast with verb-te+iku
     I'll go and buy (on the way to somewhere else)
    dcmaybe this grammar entry should be more ーてくる as it is about appending -kuru to compound a verb.
    買ってくる、持ってくる 等
    bi-ruMaybe we could transfer that example into -nagara 
    dcits done, on nagara page 
    bi-ruAs I found on (Takasugi Shinji's site) - contrast the difference of -tekuru and -teiku in the following:


    Both mean that prices continue to fall. Both tekuru and teiku indicate continuation in this example. However teiku implies motion away from, whereas tekuru implies motion towards.

    You think prices are going away from you in sentence 1, such as when you don't like the trend. You think prices are approaching you in sentence 2, such as when you like it.
    anna.kendallwow! わかった。I get it. Thanks 

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