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〜とあれば ([〜とあれば] )(toareba)
    Meaning: "if it happens to be" • since it is a special condition 〜普通とは違う特別な状況が条件になっていることを表す。後ろには、その状況の時に当然起ころ予想される状況や講堂を表す文がくる。
    Example: If you happen to have a large body and strong legs, you are the ideal shape for a rugby player
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: inukokoro

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p16 - no.14 

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ex #7228   だれも行かないとあれば、わたしが行くしかないだろう。 
if it is so that no one goes, then there is nothing for it but for me to go  
ex #7229   遠来の客が来るとあれば、腕をふるってご馳走を用意しましょう 
if a customer is coming from far away, let's show them what we can do and prepare a real treat  
ex #7861   彼女の両親が来るとあれば、部屋をきれいにしなければならない。 
If my girlfriend's parents happen to come to stay, I must make the apartment clean  

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    lucinda lohmanootaIs this the same as "[to atte"?] 
    LRHi Lucinda,
    The two look very similar. The main difference I can see is that the clause that follows [to atte] is usually quite descriptive and not very disputable - "(in the special condition) of the summer holidays, the tourist spots are crowded"
    Where as clauses that follow [to areba] seem to be more like opinions or necessary actions as a result of the clause before [to areba] - like "if (in the special condition that) tourists are coming from far away we should make an effort".
    If you find any sentences that clarify this, please post!

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