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とばかりに [とばかりに] (tobakarini)
    Meaning: as if; as if ~ were convinced that; as if ~ believed that; as if ~ decided that
    Example: Takemoto vented his long held complaints as if he were convinced this was the time to do so
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: LR

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BE CAREFUL not to confuse ばかりに with とばかりに.
ばかりに is for indicating a single factor that causes a negative situation and is formed
{VERB-past-tense / いadj. / なadj.stem / NOUN} +ばかりに
とばかりに indicates that s.o does s.t in such a way that s.o. is convinced that something is the case - "思い立ったが吉日とばかりにエアロビクスを始めました。
I began aerobics believing that the day you think of something is an auspicious day to start it." and is formed
{direct quotation / indirect quotation / noun} + とばかりに
See bakarini
Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p63 - no.56 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p618 
On the difference between とばかりに and と言わんばかりに

と言わんばかりに"as if to say", and というように"in such a way that, as if to say" are synonymous with とばかりに and can be used in place of とばかりに in some cases.

However, you can't say と言わんばかりabout yourself: "The fog finally cleared so I ran outside as if to say this is my only chance" would be weird in Japanese (surely you don't need to guess your own thinking), but in this sentence you could use とばかりに and it would be more like "The fog finally cleared so I ran outside as if it was my only chance"
see toiwanbakarini

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ex #7997   課長は余計な質問はするなとばかりに私ににらみつけた。  
My section chief glared at me as if to tell me not to ask any unnecessary questions.  
ex #7998   霧が晴れたので私がチャンスとばかりに写真を撮りまくった。  
The fog had cleared, so I took pictures furiously, as if it were my only chance.  
ex #7999   竹本はこの時とばかりに日頃の不満を吐き出した。  
Takemoto vented his long-held complaints as if he were convinced this was the time to do so.  
ex #8000   彼女が舞台に登場すると、「待ってました!」とばかりに大きな拍手が起こった  
she appeared on the stage, and as if everyone had been waiting, huge applause broke out  
ex #8001   彼女は、信じられないとばかりに、口を開けたまま彼を見つめていた。  
She just stared at him with her mouth wide open as if she didn't believe him.  

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