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と言えば [といえば] (toieba)
    Meaning: speaking of ~
    Example: Speaking of rain, what is the weather like tomorrow?
    JLPT Level: 2
    Author: Dom

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ex #7291   と言えば、卒業の季節。 
Speaking of spring, it is the season for graduation.  
ex #7314   果物と言えばバナナだ。 
Speaking of fruit, it is a banana.  
ex #7319   秋葉原といえば、アニメの聖地です。 
Speaking of Akihabara, that is sacred to the animation.   
ex #7335   初めてと言えば、あなたの料理を食べるのはこれが初めてです。 
Speaking of first times, this is my first time tasting your dishes.  
ex #7347   春といえば、思い浮かべるものは何ですか? 
Speaking of spring, you know what that brings to mind?  
ex #7369   日本と言えば、島国だ。 
Speaking of Japan, it is an island country.  
ex #7385   お金と言えば、彼はまたお金を借りたらしいよ。 
Speaking of money, he borrowed money again.  
ex #7399   ニューヨークといえば自由の女神像が有名です。 
Speaking of New York, it is famous for the Statue of Liberty.  
ex #7401   ブラジルと言えばサッカーが有名だ。  
Speaking of Brazil, it is famous for soccer.  
ex #7428   2008年のオリンピックと言えば北京です。 
Speaking of the Olympic in 2008, it is Peking.  
ex #7496   と言えば、刀だ。 
Speaking of a samurai, it's the sword.  
ex #7677   ロシアと言えば、寒さで有名です。 
Speaking of Russia,it is famous for cold winters.  
ex #7689   沖縄と言えば美しい浜辺である。 
Speaking of Okinawa,it is famous for beautiful beaches.  

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