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というより [というより] (toiuyori)
    Meaning: rather, more than
    Example: cold rather than cool
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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「Aというより、B」: B is the speaker's judgement or opinion.

*むしろ is often used with this grammar. However, it's simply emphasis and doesn't translate very well. For example, 「彼は、天才というより、むしろ変人だ。」(He's *more* an oddball rather than a genius.)

V(plain form) + というより
いA + というより
なA・N + (だ)というより

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ex #1184   私にはこの音楽は楽しいというより、むしろ やかましい. 
To me, this music is noisy, rather than enjoyable.  
ex #1185   彼は天才と言うよりむしろ変人だ 
Rather than a genius, it's better to say that he is an eccentric.  
ex #1189   今年の夏は涼しいというより寒いと言った方が良いくらいです。 
This year's summer was so cool that it'd be better to say it was cold (rather than cool).  
ex #5699   この雑誌は面白いというよりつまらないです。 
This magazine is more boring than interesting.  
ex #5700   彼女は可愛いというよりこわいです。 
Rather than being cute, she looks scary.  
ex #5783   あの人はきれいというよりじょうひんだ。 
That person is graceful rather than pretty.  
ex #6239   「奥様はとても陽気な方ですね。」 「いやあ、陽気というより、うるさいというべきでしょうね。」 
"Your wife is a very cheerful person, isn't she?" "Nah, you should probably say noisy rather than cheerful."  
ex #7149   山田さんは書物が大好きで、技術者というより学者といった方がいい。 
The person Mr.yamada was very interested to reading,it would be better to say scholar rather than engineer.  

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dctwo meanings - "rather than" - and "more than" - Ugly rather/more than pretty - or- more than pretty, beautiful. 
MikiAs for 1st eg. okurigana(declensional Kana ending) is missing. 寒い=samu i 
dctx, changed. 
bamboo4というより is made up of と+いう+より. Basically, we may need より standing alone, if you don't already have it. 
bamboo4I've added a link to より.
ArchanaWhat is the difference between この雑誌は面白いというよりつまらないです and この雑誌は面白いというよりむしろつまらないです. I think they are same. 
dcむしろ mushiro also means "rather" and so i think in your example it just adds emphasis.
rather than being interesting,
that magazine is boring.
_in fact_ its boring
Miki#5700 かわい should be かわいい. 
LeslieI'm gonna stick my neck out and declare というより is used mainly when expressing degree (cool/cold) rather than opposites (interesting/boring). I think of it as "more to the point" or "more accurately."  
dcleslie - that doesnt quite fit some of the examples above. the ones i added i think came from a university database, so mostly checked. 
SumofanI don't think というより is used for complete opposites. So #5699 seems strange to me. 
bamboo4I kinda agree with Sumofan. We do not normally say as suggested by #5699. 面白いというより滑稽です would be acceptable.  

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