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と言わんばかりに [といわんばかりに] (toiwanbakarini)
    Meaning: as if to say
    Example: She winked at me, as if to say , I love you
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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Partial Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p620 (side note) 
On the difference between とばかりに and と言わんばかりに

と言わんばかりに"as if to say", and というように"in such a way that, as if to say" are synonymous with とばかりに and can be used in place of とばかりに in some cases.

However, you can't say と言わんばかりabout yourself: "The fog finally cleared so I ran outside as if to say this is my only chance" would be weird in Japanese (surely you don't need to guess your own thinking), but in this sentence you could use とばかりに and it would be more like "The fog finally cleared so I ran outside as if it was my only chance"
see sentences at tobakarini

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ex #199   私がうそをついたと言わんばかりにののしった 
He spoke ill of me as if to say I had lied about it.  
ex #238   「あなたを愛しているのよ」と言わんばかりに彼女は僕にウィンクした。 
She winked at me, as much as to say , I love you.  
ex #652   これ以上の議論は無駄だと言わんばかりに、A国の代表は席を立った。  
As if to say that further discussion is pointless, the representative from country A got up from his seat.  
ex #3740   彼は同意すると言わんばかりにうなずいた。 
He nodded as much as to say , I agree.  
ex #3741   彼らは「かわいそうな奴」といわんばかりに私達をじっと見た。 
They looked at us, as much as to say, "Poor creature."  
ex #3742   彼女は万事承知と言わんばかりに私に目くばせした。 
She winked at me as much as to say she knew everything.  
ex #3743   友人は「不可能」と言わんばかりに首を横に振った。  
My friend shook his head as much as to say "impossible".  

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  • bakarini    (Note two rather different ばかりに entries (bakarini-2 is generally と言わんばかりに)) [Amatuka]
  • tobakarini [LR]
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dcthere are lots of different bakari~~s! bakari bakari! 
AmatukaI think the と quotation in the second example /may/ have an implied 言わない after it. 
dc"Seems to be used in casual/slang speech with negative verb stem + ん so as to mean "as if to verb" without actually doing so." 
AmatukaAppeared in 2000 JLPT level 1 
AmatukaMeaning changed back. Seems that I was right in the first place. 
Mikihmm I don't see the difference this and another ばかりに。The same nuance when you add (言わん).
AmatukaMaybe we need more examples for the other gbakarini/b but it seems to have a qualitative (type) difference to me. 
AmatukaCould just be down to lack of familiarity with forms like 言わん though... 
Snakeis 言わん just short for iwanai? like
'iwanai bakari ni -> just about not saying (but its almost as if it was said)
bamboo4You would say 言わなかったばかりに and 言わんばかりに, but not 言わないばかりに.
DealPete言わん can be short for 言わない, but in this case, 言わん = 言わむ is an old fashioned subjunctive, equivalent to 言おう.
I was highly confused at first until I discovered that the final "ん" can signal two different inflectional forms
blabbyMaybe this should be listed as "と(言わん)ばかりに". I've seen lots of examples such as
My dog looked at me and barked as if to say "let's go for a walk!"
BakurosaretaIn Californish it would be "was like" 
tigertI think it would be helpful if the Authors of grammar posts made sure to include a grammar note. examples are helpful, but good solid grammatical information makes it easier to memorize and utilize in real life situations.  
LRtigert! This is the internet... we're not authors... we're just like you. If you want a perfect explanation buy a text book... then come back and explain it to the rest of us mere mortals. 
LRHi... so this post is all kinda messed up. Kanzen Master (old JLPT 1) & the Advanced Dictionary of Japanese Grammar both have とばかりに, と言わんばかりにas separate (if related) entries so I'm going to try and clear these up and separate them. 

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