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とか [とか] (toka)
    Meaning: It seems that; I heard that
    Example: It seems that he's really wealthy. I envy him.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: rubyhatchet

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*Use this grammar for bits of news that you heard or read.

V(plain form) + とか
いA + とか
なA・N + とか
For the case of a noun with toka, you actually need だ、it`s shown in the 3rd example below

金持ちだとか (I heard he was rich)

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ex #6260   お嬢さんが結婚なさったとか。おめでとうございます。  
I heard you got married. Congratulations.  
ex #6261   G銀行は経営が危なくなっているとか。預けた金は大丈夫だろうか。  
It seems that the management at Bank G is in trouble. I wonder if the money deposited there is safe.  
ex #6262   彼は大金持ちだとか。うらやましいなあ。 
It seems that he's a wealthy man. I envy him.  
ex #7762   田中さんの犬がおじさんを噛んだとか 
I heard Mr. Tanaka's dog bit an old man.  

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khyronThe usage given in the formation section for なA・N does not match that of the example of ex #6262, which suggests that instead of:
なA・N + とか
it should instead be
なA・N + だ+とか
khyronI checked and confirmed with a native speaker that when using this grammar after なA・N that the formation is indeed なA・N+だとか.

Additionally, this is found mainly in novels, whereas a conversational equivalent would be と聞いた・と聞きました.
karekanoI just know とか with the meaning of 'like'. Or is it the same thing? 

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