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ところ [ところ] (tokoro)
    Meaning: place, time, occasion
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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Use: to say you are just about to do something/ are in the middle of doing something, have just done some thing.
Formation: Verb Plain form +ところ

食べる + ところだ I'm just about to eat
食べている + ところだ I'm just in the middle of eating
食べた + ところだ I just eaten

Compare Verb Plain past form +ところ with Verb Plain past form + ばかり

たべた ところだ VS たべた ばかり だ

〜ところだ means literally at that moment
〜ばかりだ can have a time lapse. As in Would you like a coffee? "I've just had one (drank one before I came here)

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ex #1106   着いたところです 
I am just now arriving (Lit: now arrival time is)  
ex #1107   このホテルは公共交通機関の点から見ると便利なに位置している。 
This hotel is in a convenient place in terms of public transportation.  
ex #3465   あなたはそれを終えましたか。それどこか、今始めたところです。  
Have you finished it? On the contrary, I've just begun.  
ex #3466   あなたは昨晩私が彼女と二人っきりでいるところを見つけて驚いたにちがいない。  
You must have been surprised to find me with her alone last night.  
ex #3467   あなたは当分の間私のところにいても良い。  
You may stay with me for the time being.  

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  • tokoro de    (tokoro literally means place but can also be used for time as in [今着いたところです] I just got here (lit: time of arriving is now)) [your name]
  • everybody    (hi, how different with BAGARI ?) [amy]
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AmatukaLit: Located in a convenient place 
dci changed the E trans to be a bit more literal and hilite the keyword. 
bamboo4ところ in the first example and that in the second example has completely different meaning, like apples and oranges! 
dchmm, are they different enough to require different entries? i guess thats what you're saying.. 
bamboo4Not necessarily. The commentary added to "tokoro" in linking it to "tokorode" should work. 
agreed. ex #1107 and ex #3467 mean "place". So it shouldn't be considered a grammar. So can be safely removed. ex #3466 has a quite different meaning from the remaining two. Here is 〜ところを : 〜という状況、場面(を)and + 動詞 at the back.
〜たところ has two meanings:
1. ちょっと前に〜終わった, 今〜終わったばかり ; just (finished doin some action)
2. 〜たらその結果.... ;once one had just〜, then it is known that/found out that ....
In ex #3465, I think there the ろ being missed out in どころか,

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