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とにかく [とにかく] (tonikaku)
    Meaning: in any case, anyway
    Example: anyway, you can't come
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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tonikaku often comes at the beginning of a sentence

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ex #1155   それはとにかくとして、この問題はどうするの。 
Leaving that aside, how do you intend to deal with this problem?  
ex #1191   とにかく私に言えるのは 
Anyway, all I can say is...  
ex #1192   とにかく頼むからちょっと聞いてよ 
Anyway I'm asking you to just listen for a minute  
ex #1193   とにかくやってみないことには 
Anyway, we won't know unless we try.  
ex #4148   とにかく、きみは上京すべきだ。 
In any case you should come up to Tokyo.  
ex #4149   とにかく、君の知ったことじゃない。 
In any case, it's no business of yours.  
ex #4150   とにかく、君はそこに行った方がいい。 
At any rate, you had better go there.  
ex #4151   とにかく、言いづらい事を打ち明けてくれて嬉しいよ。 
Anyway, I'm glad you were able to broach this difficult subject.  
ex #4152   とにかく、私はあなたの意見には反対だ。 
I am against your opinion in any case.  

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Mikiとにかく can be replaced by tomokaku ともかく. 
NizarI would like to know more about the etymology of this expression. Does it have anything to do with the Shogi game where two pieces are named "to" and "kaku"? 
snoopychengwhy is it every time when i clikc on the title the msg below will show.
Return to beginning of the Text Translation function. Unable to map glossdic.xjdx! [Not enough space]
MikiNizar, tonikaku is not to do with "to" and "kaku" of Shogi game. とにかく is used in hiragana by edo period. と of とにかく meant そのように、 かく meant このように。 Tonikaku is sometimes write as 兎に角 but this is phonetic equivalent. This is considered to come from Buddhism word 「兎角亀毛」. Rabbit doesn't have horns and turtle doesn't have hairs, which was used when you talked about something doesn't exist. So this has no relevance to current とにかく in meaning. BTW, in shogi, 「と金」 which is another side of 「歩(ふ)」 is called と because the simplified form of 金 looks like と。 角(かく) is also called 角行(かくぎょう). 
yookosoI have heard this word used in a lot of contexts where it couldn't mean anyway, in any case. I asked some friends who had some difficulty explaining it, but one seemed to say that it also has the meanings: "quickly", "with all haste" and maybe also "naturally". I also heard it implies that some information given is generally known by everyone. Any native speakers care to comment? 
bamboo4You have it wrong. とにかく急ごう means "leaving all that aside, let's hurry." Thus, とにかく does not have a meaning of "quickly" or "naturally."

Re Miki-san's comment, 角行 is pronounced かくこう.
nasu角行 can be pronounced かっこう, かくこう and かくぎょう. 

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