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通り [とおり] (toori)
    Meaning: in that way
    Example: Didn't it turn out the way I said?
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see basis-of-action-group for similar items and comparisons. 
V(dict. form/たform/ているform) + とおり(に)
N + の + とおり(に)
N + どおり(に)

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ex #79   予想通り日本チームが優勝した。 
Just like the prediction, the Japan team won.  
ex #381   彼女はもと通り元気になった 
She's back to her original energetic self.  
ex #814   私が言った通りになったでしょう! 
Didn't it come out to be the way I said?  
ex #3128   その通り 
That's right !  
ex #3145   その問題には三通りの答えがあります。 
That question has answers in three ways.  
ex #3146   先ず一通り見せて頂けますか? 
Would you mind if I browse through them first?  
ex #6256   大丈夫。マニュアルに書いてあるとおりにすれば、うまくいきます。  
It's okay. If you do it just like the manual says, it'll work.  
ex #6257   昨日のサッカーの試合は、期待された とおりにA国が勝った。 
At yesterday's soccer game, Country A won just as expected .  
ex #6258   天気予報とおり、午後から雨になった。 
Just as predicted , it started raining in the afternoon.  
ex #6259   医者の指示どおり、毎日運動をすることにした。 
Just as my doctor instructed, I decided to exercise every day.  
ex #8489   その規則は数通りに解釈できる。  
The rule can be read several ways.  

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    AmatukaThe example is actually 'doori'. 予想通り 【よそうどおり】 (exp) as expected (neutral and negative events); as feared  
    AmatukaMany '通り' 'toori' examples are actually a literal 'way' as in street. 
    watashi ga itta _toori_ ni natta deshou!
    AmatukaFormed from (plain) verb + toori or
    noun + toori.
    Note that a euphonic change to doori is possible depending on what it follows.

    V = Verb
    N = Noun
    dcwhen does it have に after?
    MikiYou can also say
    予想 通りに 日本チームが優勝した。
    彼女は もと 通りに 元気になった。
    prachi_saurabhchizu no toori ni mairimashta kara, zenzen mayoimasen deshta. 
    prachi_saurabhtoori ni.... expreses the idea that something takes place in the same way as something... or it could be negative also.. means doesn't take place.. 
    bamboo4"expreses the idea that something takes place in the same way as something" does not make any sense at all. 
    赤毛In ex #6257, I don't understand "卵z". So instead of "Checked" I changed it to "suspicious"...
    tigertI have always thought of 
    「〜 通りに」 as ”like 〜”

    「〜通り」as "same way as 〜"

    while in rome, do like the romans do.

    while in rome, do things the way romans do.

    the meaning doesn`t change much, but thinking of it like this makes translation less complicated.

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