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~としたところで, ~としたって, ~にしたところで ([~としたところで, ~としたって, ~にしたところで] )(toshitatokorode toshitatte nishitatokorode)
    Meaning: even if, though としても
    Example: Even if all the members participated, there'd still only be about 20 persons
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: Sasato

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p28 - no.29 
Ref # A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p423 

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ex #7130   全員が参加するとしたところで、せいぜい20人位だ. 
Even if all the members participated, there'd still only be about 20 persons  
ex #7902   彼は日本語を20年も勉強しているが、その彼にしたところで、まだ分からない文法に時々出くわすそうだ。 
He has studied Japanese for 20 years, but he told me that even he enccounters grammar he doesn't understand.  
ex #7903   三島由紀夫は産湯に浸かった記憶があると書いているが、彼にしたところで、死ぬまでのすべての記憶がある訳ではない。 
Yukio Mishima wrote that he remembered taking his first bath as a baby, but there's no way even he remembered everything he did from birth until death.  
ex #7904   彼がどんなに歌が得意としたって、素人の域を出ていないよ。 
However good his singing is, the fact is he hasn't left the realms of an amateur.  
ex #7905   わたしにしたって、その問題については、どうしたりいかわからにんです。 
Even I don't know what the right thing to do is when it comes to that problem  

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  • imasara-tatokorode    (
    imasara-tatokorode also means "even if" but the usage is for things where, doing the first part of the sentence before tatokorode is a fruitless action.
    [toshitatokorode toshitatte nishitatokorode] etc. which has a slightly different nuance meaning even though the first part of the sentence is NOT a wasted effort, the final result doesn't satisfy.) [LR]
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bshockIn ex # 7905, I don't recognize the exact grammar from "どうしたりいかわからにんです。 " It seems like "Dou shitari i ka wakarani n desu" ought to be more like "Dou shitara ii ka wakaranai n desu." Is the original sentence slang or regional dialect? 

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