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〜としても [〜としても] (toshitemo)
    Meaning: even if; assuming
    Example: Even if it was true, I wouldn't believe it of him!
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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V(plain form) + としても
いA + としても
なA・N + だ + としても

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ex #390   ゲーム用OSとしても進化を遂げつつあるLinux 
Advancing - even as an OS for game use : Linux.  
ex #5233   彼はとてもいい人だとしても、私は彼を本当は信頼していない。  
Even if he's very nice, I don't really trust him.  
ex #6286   息子さんがこの世でいちばん注意深い人物だったとしても、あなたはまだ心配されると思います。 
I suppose that even if your son were the most careful person on Earth, you'd still feel worried!  
ex #6287   彼女と結婚できるとしても、2、3年後になるだろう。  
Even if I could marry her, it probably won't be for another two or three years.  
ex #6288   その人が親切そうに見えたとしても、本当に親切かどうか分からない。 
Even if that person looks kind, I don't know whether he/she really is kind.  
ex #6289   親が有名だとしても、本人に実力がなければ社会で認められないでしょう。  
Even though my parents are famous, society wouldn't have recognized their skills if they didn't really have them.  
ex #6290   たとえ相手が部下だとしても、世話になったらお礼の気持ちをちゃんと伝えるべきだ。 
Even if it's a subordinate as your partner, you should properly thank them if they help you.  
ex #8069   来週の陸上競技大会に走るとしても負けると思う。 
Even if I ran in the track meet next week I still think that I would lose.  

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PaulOThe English translation seems cumbersome. How about

"Even as a gaming OS, Linux is advancing."

CrayonShinI think the meaning can also be: 'even as'
WesThis entry is confused.
CrayonShin's Toshite is entirely different for our purposes here and should be separated from this grammar point。
人間として - as a human
人間としても - even as a human
these are different than
人間だとしても - even if I were human

Also, Verbs need TA form, unlike としたら。

消えたとしても誰も気づかない気がする - I feel like even If I were to disappear nobody would notice.

る + としても has a completely different meaning than たとしても and is used very very rarely.

here is an example

地球温暖化が行われてるとしても気分がかなりいいです。Despite global warming, i feel ok.


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