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と共に [とともに] (totomoni)
    Meaning: as well as; with; along with; at the same time; when; as; while
    Example: As I'm recovering from my illness, my appetite is coming back.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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There are several usages:

meaning: with
form: noun + totomoni
eg. Oshyougatsu ha kazoku totomoni sugoshitai.
I want to spend New Year (party) with my family.

meaning: at the same time
form: verb (dict. form) + totomoni
i adj. + totomoni
noun + de aru + totomoni
na adj. + de aru + totomoni
eg.Kobayashisan ha gakusei wo shidou suru totomoni, kenkyuu nimo chikara wo ireteiru.
Mr. Kobayashi coaches the students and puts his strenght in making some researches at the same time.

Kono seihin no kaihatsu ha, konnan de aru totomoni, hiyou ga kakaru.
Regarding the development of this product, it is difficult and needs money at the same time.

meaning: is used when a change leads to another one.
form: verb (dict. form) + totomoni
noun + totomoni
eg. Toshi wo toru totomoni, tairyoku ga otoroeru.
As you become older, your physical strength becomes weaker.

*The meaning of とともに changes depending on the sentence pattern and context.

1) 「AはBとともにC」: when A and B share the common property C, とともに means "as well as." (See example #6291.)

2) 「AはBとともにC」: when A and B are the actors of the action C, とともに means "with; along with." (See example #6292.)

3) When とともに is preceded by a noun representing an action or event, とともに means either "at the same time as; when" or "as; with" depending on the event or action represented by the noun. (See example #6293.)

4) When とともに is preceded by a verb, とともに means "as; while." (See example #6294.)

5) When とともに is preceded by N・なA(stem) + である, とともに means "as well as." (See example #6295.)

V(dict. form) + とともに
N・なA(stem) + である + とともに
いA + とともに
N + とともに

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ex #81   大阪は東京とともに日本経済の中心地である 
Osaka, together with Tokyo, are the heart of Japan's economy.  
ex #532   病気が回復すると共に食欲も出てきた 
As I am recovering from my illness, my appetite is coming back  
ex #543   [N/Adj(na)stem+である]経済的であると共に 
As well as being economical  
ex #545   [Adj(i)inf-nonpast]興味深いと共に 
As well as being interesting  
ex #6291   スタインベックはとともにヘミングウェイアメリカの大分な作家の一人だ。 
Steinbeck, along with Hemingway, is one of America's major authors.  
ex #6292   私は職場の同僚達 とともにそのデモに参加した。 
I took part in the demonstration with my office colleagues.  
ex #6293   終戦とともに激しいインフレが人々を襲った。  
Severe inflation hit people when the war ended (lit. with the end of the war).  
ex #6294   年をするとともに耳が遠くなってきた。  
As I get older, I am losing my hearing.  
ex #6295   その提案は建設的であるとともに革命的であった。 
The discovery was revolutionary as well as constructive.  
ex #6318   人口が増えるとともに、それまで見られなかった都市問題が発生した。 
A city problem that has been unseen until then occurred as the population increased.  

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dcwhen a verb comes before it, とともに means "as" - As I am recovering... 
dcwhen a noun comes before, とともに means "as well as" -
As well as Tokyo...
MikiA noun case is OK.
と共に of 病気が回復すると共に can be replaced by ni turete.
風が吹く とともに/につれて、雲が出てきた。
As it blows, clouds begin to appear.
MikiVerb + と共に means
at the same time.
ppmohapatraCan we conclude that
if there is little time difference then we will use ni turete
When there is hardly any time difference then we will use to tomoni!!
akiosama病気が回復するとともに、食欲が出てきた。I think the english would sound better if it was: "My appetite came back as I recovered from my illness" 
NabeshinFrom my point of view, the most difficult part of this grammar point is the slim difference in meaning between 「noun+であるとともに」and「noun+とともに」

While growing up, quarrel with my sister has lessen.

As I have grown up, quarrel with my sister has lessen.

(If I am wrong please correct me)
Shouldnt the order here be:

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