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つい [つい] (tsui)
    Meaning: without thinking, despite myself
    Example: oops, i said too much!
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Also means, just (now), or recently.

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ex #305   秘密でしたか?ついうっかり喋ちゃいました。  
It was a secret? Oops! I spoke about it without thinking...  
ex #306   つい買っちゃった! 
Damn! I went and bought it (and I shouldn't have).  
ex #384   つい「コンピュータがおかしい」と思ってしまいます.でも,コンピュータ側がおかしいことはまずありません. 
I carelessly thought "There's something up with the computer". But actually there was nothing up with the _computer_ side.  
ex #1273   つい先ほど時雨れた 
We had a light shower a while ago.  
ex #5528   つい必要なワードフィルを削除してしまった。 
I just (unintentional) deleted an important word file.  
ex #8500   彼はつい自分の名前を言ってしまった。  
He carelessly said his name.  
ex #8501   彼は大変まずいことをつい言ってしまった。  
He slip a very unfortunate remark.  
ex #8502   彼女は貧しさのあまりつい盗みを働いた。  
Poverty implied her to steal.  

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AmatukaInadvertantly, unintentionally, etc. 
huessI always thought that was ついに? Am I wrong or can you drop the に? 
Mikiついに is different from つい.
ついに can be replaced with やっと at last
Finally, I got it!
hiro「つい」and「ついに」is different.

「つい」means... "regretfully"
for example, you go shopping, you find a new PC. you already have a PC, but you buy the spanky new one anyway. then, you say
in fact, you don't need that PC.

「ついに」means..."at last"
you wanted a PC for a long time, and eventually you get one. then, you say,
you really need that PC.

:( tsui = ukkari
:) tsuini = yatto
dcex1273 seems different from the others? 
MikiYes. The つい means すぐ。This emphases something happens very close in time/distance.
つい2、3時間前に as recently as a few hours
ついそこまで休憩に行ってきました。I went right over there for break.
ashishjoshi'tsui',according to me is used when you get indulged in your inner feelings so much that you forget what is going around.
DrJonesIs "tsui" an interjection like "tsk" or "tsch"? 

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