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ついでに [ついでに] (tsuideni)
    Meaning: while doing A, I had a chance to do B, since doing A anyway, do B
    Example: while i was at my parents,
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see simultaneous-actions-group for explanations and similar grammar 
「Aついでに、B」: A is the main action and B is another action done while peforming A.

V(dict. form)・(plain past form) + ついでに
N + の + ついでに

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ex #319   実家に帰ったついでに昔の学校に行ってみた。 
At the time I went back to my hometown, I also took the opportunity to go see my old school.  
ex #1006   仕事へ行くついでに、郵便局で手紙を出した 
While on my way to work, I mailed a letter at the post office  
ex #1124   出て行くついでに頼むのは悪いけど、ゴミを捨ててくれる? 
I hate to ask you to do this, but since you are going out anyway, would you get rid of the garbage bag?  
ex #1163   パリへ行くついでにロンドンに寄る 
Since I am going to go to Paris, anyway, I will also drop by London  
ex #6207   デパートへ行ったついでに、そこで開かれていた展覧会を見た。  
While out at the department store, I also took the opportunity to see the exhibition being held there.  
ex #6208   郵便局へ行くの。それなら、ついでに切手を買ってきてくれない。 
You're going to the post office? If that's the case, while you're at it, won't you go buy me some stamps?  
ex #6978   そこに着くついでに、マナさんにお金を返します. 
I will go there and on the same occasion, I will return Mana-san's money.  
ex #8503   彼を迎えに行って、ついでにこの手紙をポストに入れておいて。  
Go and take him home, and while you are about it mail this letter.  
ex #8504   彼は話のついでに自分の最新作に言及した。  
He mentioned his latest work in passing.  
ex #8505   銀行へ行くついでに手紙を出しておこう。  
I`m going to send my letter on my way to the bank.  
ex #8506   ついでに言いますと、彼は食事をしていないと言ってしまった。  
He said, incidentally, that he had had no dinner.  

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dcI might have thought this was usually used for past things, but it can also be used for the future.
 Since I am going to go to Paris, I will also stop by London
dcV-plain or V-plainpast + ついでに  
dcimplies at the same time 
Mikiex#1006 From the content, wouldn't it be better to say, 仕事に行く時に、ついでに郵便局で手紙をだした。? 
bamboo4仕事に行くついでに is a common parlance. 
LittleFishAfter doing some Googling, I think it means something close to "While you're at it", but much more flexable (ie, not limited to present or "you").
I saw it at the beginning of a sentance. The person requested that someone teach him how a broadcasting system of some sort worked, and the sentance ended. Then the next began with "序でに," and it was requested that a related concept also be explained.
dcthis page simultaneous-actions-group tries to explain some subtleties of nuance... 
Lesliecan you use this as a standalone casual expression to mean "while you're at it...?" 
blabbyI have heard as a standalone expression "あとついでに、〜する". "Oh, while I'm here I'll do 〜".
If example, if you are in a convenience store and you suddenly remember to buy mints. "Ah, while I'm here, I'll buy some mints"
nitrateIs the nuance a bit like the English expression: "killing 2 birds with 1 stone"? 
KWhazitThe connection to "two birds with one stone" seems a bit on the weak side to me, but not entirely absent. I think the two birds saying has more to do with deliberately combining two tasks, while ついでに makes the second one more of an afterthought.

I'd explain AついでにB as, A is the main thing I'm doing, and B wasn't necessarily even in my plans, but doing A makes it convenient to do B, so I might as well do B too.

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