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続ける [つづける] (tsuzukeru)
    Meaning: keep on doing ...
    Example: keep on eating (sweet stuff)
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Take the root of the masu-form and replace masu with "tsuzukeru" in any conjugation

example: taberu
tabemasu -> tabe -> tabetsuzukeru, tabetsuzukenai

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ex #925   ダイエット中のくせにあくまでも甘い物を食べつづけます 
even though I'm on a diet, I will keep on eating sweet things until the end.  
ex #4192   お金のために、愛してもいない男との生活をつづけるならば、すっかり失望して、進退きわまる時が将来やってくることだろう。 
If she continues to live with a man she doesn't love for his money, the day will come when she will be utterly frustrated and between the devil and the deep blue sea.  
ex #4193   この失敗、きっと一生、言われつづけるなあ。 
People will keep talking about this mistake forever.  
ex #4194   私は母国を愛しているし、これからも愛しつづけるだろう。 
I love, and will continue to love, my mother country.  
ex #5703   無視しろぅ! じゃ、書き続けて! 
Ignore it! Keep writing!  
ex #7033   小さい字を書きつづけて、手がつかれました。 
Because I have been writing continuously small characters, my hand got tired.  
ex #7034   長い時間テレビをつづけると、目がいたくなる。 
When you keep watching TV for a long time, your eyes become painful.  

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  • kiru    (kiru > til the end | tsudsukeru > keep on eating) [dc]
  • kaketa    (tsudsukeru implies something going on for a period of time...) [dc]
  • niwatatte [dc]
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your name'dsu' is not a generally used romaji variant.
I think it should be 'du'.
dchmm, thats true. using the windows IME, "dsu" = "dす" which is silly.
but "du" when you read it in romaji doesn't look like... dzu, even though the hiragana comes out correct as づ
まあ、難しいね。どうすればいい。 I want people who don't read hiragana to be able to use the site ideally. altho we may be way past that with all the kanji...
SynonymousEvery book I have spells this as "tsuzukeru".  
ninja_kTo be fair... づ and ず have theoretically merged, except in names... so zu is ok.

on a side note, is this really level 1? I use / hear this so often at work that I'm rather surprised.
Miki#5703 I would write 無視しろっ! to emphasize. Though this is not CORRECT Japanese writing. Also, it is not appreciated that female speaks like this. I feel 無視して! is more sophisticated. 
OlivierThis entry does certainly not belong to Level 1 but to Level 2 and it is so commonly used that before reaching Level 3, you get to know this pattern. Please downgrade this entry. 
bamboo4The input pattern for づ should be "du" and not "zu."
yookosoOlivier, I went ahead and changed to level 2 - anybody disagree with that classification?  
赤毛Total number of results searching from Google:
- 923 for tsudsukeru
- 14 100 for tsudukeru
- 14 100 for tsudzukeru
- 67 800 for tsuzukeru
So I changed the name entry according to the last one.
I think the level of this entry is 3 because I founded 2 examples in JPLT3 and none in JPLT2, so I changed the level too.

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