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ってば [ってば] (tte ba)
    Meaning: emphasize speakers emotion/desire/will
    Example: I said I would go
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: cup

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It is used to emphasize speakers emotion/desire/will, and is not used in formal speeches but in casual conversations. Something like よ(yo) but far stronger.

It follows the +tte (って)short cut for と言う

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ex #5469   本当にいくの? 行くってば 
Will you really go there? I said I would go!  
ex #5470   新しいぺんでってば 
I thought it was a new pen!  
ex #5471   何だってば 
I say what’s that!  
ex #6485   マールでいいってば 
I'm telling you , Marle's fine!  

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  • tte    (Assertive partical extension) [cup]
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KWhazitUsing ってば tends to mean that the speaker is fairly annoyed. Taking the example I added from Chrono Trigger (#6485), the character (whose actual name is マールディア) HATES formality and is SICK of being called by her full name and title. ってば should be used sparingly, unless you're Naruto, who tacks ってばよ! onto every other sentence for no apparent reason.

I also have to call #5470 and #5471 into question... the first looks like it's missing a だって思った or something similar, and the second just doesn't make any sense to me.
coneOne of my Japanese mentors says that ってば actually sounds sort of feminine, I forget why exactly, though. Adding よ to the end of ってば, as in what Naruto says, is probably just a way to make ってば sound more masculine. 

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