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うちに [うちに] (uchini-2)
    Meaning: before ... (something bad happens); while ... still (being OK), while (state still continue) and before the state is finished
    Example: 暗くならないうちに帰ってきなさい。/ Come home before it gets dark.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Verb (Dictionary form/nai form) + uchini

i-adjectives (い) + uchini

na-adjectives + な + uchini

Noun + の + uchini
Uchini means-As long as a favorable time period lasts,do something.....その状態が変わる前に、何かをする。

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ex #337   暗くならないうちに帰ってきなさい。 
Come home before it gets dark.  
ex #5237   雨が降らないうちに帰りましょう。 
Let's go home before it starts to rain. (lit. while it's not yet raining.)  
ex #5255   電車が動いているうちに降りてはなりません。 
Do not get off the train while it is in motion.  
ex #6903   雨が降らないうちに、帰ったほうがいいと思うから、これで、失礼します。  
I think it's best I go before it starts raining, so I'll be leaving now.  
ex #6905   母が元気なうちに、会いにいきたいと思っています。 
I think I'd like to go and see my mother while she is still healthy.  
ex #8512   彼女は雇われて5ヶ月もしないうちにくびになった。  
She had not been employed five months before she was fired.  
ex #8513   その村に着かないうちに彼女はすっかりへたばってしまった。  
She had been tired out before she got to the village.  

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    Miki#5255 電車は動くうちに is not correct. 電車が動いているうちに降りてはなりません。 would be better. 
    RukawaShouldn't we split this entry into うちに and ないうちに as these two expressions are rendered quite differently in English? 
    caranhaBut it is one grammar concept in japanese - The division should be based on japanese grammar, and not the english one, no? 
    charlesIs "utchi" 内 ? In that case, maybe "during, while, as long as" or something similar would be an easier translation. Double negations are such a pain to think about ! 
    tigertWho the heck uses whilst? translating modern Japanese with archaic English, seems a little 何か変だよ。

    For example #5255 How about, "Do not get off the train while it is is motion." or if your a stickler for exact translation. "You must not get off the train while it is in motion."
    赤毛I moved Ex #6903 for uchini because it was very close of #5237. 
    petraThe British still use 'whilst' quite regularly.
    It's not archaic. It's just not common in American English.
    lucinda lohmanootaDon't get off the train while it's still moving. 

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