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上に [うえに] (ueni)
    Meaning: moreover; what's more; additionally; not only
    Example: as well as not liking him...
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ue ni is also used to say something exists on top of something else
A no ue ni B ga aru.
A のうえに B がある。

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ex #726   別に心配するほどのものでもないと思ったうえに、有益な情報や新しい提案があるなら聞いてはみたいと思ったのでしょう。 
Over and above not really being a worrying matter [he] also thought that if there was beneficial information or new suggestions he'd like to hear about them.  
ex #727   何といっても以前のバージョンと比べて処理がとにかく速いうえにとても管理しやすくなっています。 
Whatever you say, in comparison to the previous version (data) processing is generally faster and moreover it has become very easy to (control/manage).  
ex #3571   寒かったうえに、風が強かった。  
It was cold, and, in addition, it was windy.  
ex #3572   道に迷ったうえに、雨にまで降られた。  
We lost our way, and what was worse, we were caught in a shower.  
ex #3573   彼はウイスキーを一本あけたうえに、ビールを少し飲んだ。 
He drank some beer besides a bottle of whisky.  
ex #3574   彼は私に助言してくれたうえにお金までくれた。  
He gave me money as well as advice.  
ex #3575   彼は詩人であるうえに学者でもある。  
In addition to being a poet, he is a scholar.  
ex #3576   彼女はとても頭がいいうえに一生懸命勉強する。  
She is very smart, and what is more, she studies hard.  
ex #6160   彼女は性格が悪いうえに会った女性の中で一番醜いです。 
Not only does she have a bad personality, she's also the ugliest girl I've ever met.  
ex #6399   その日の帰宅後、僕はママとパパに髪を切らされてしまい、全くうんざりだった上に2人とも僕の進学適性試験のことでうるさかった。 
After I went home that day, my mom and dad made me cut my hair, which was a real drag, and then they hassled me about my SATs.  
ex #6780   この手続きは、面倒なうえに時間もかかるので、皆がいやがっている。 
As these formalities, in addition to be tiresome , take much time too, everybody hates them.  
ex #7035   私の彼はかっこいいうえに、お金持ちなんです。 
My boyfriend is not only cool, but he is rich as well.  
ex #7159   テーブルの上においた読みかけの本を母がかたづけてしまった。 
The book has ordered to put upon the table by mother,it was not finished reading as well.  
ex #8514   遅刻した上に教科書まで忘れた。  
Besides being late, I forgot to bring textbooks.  

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    AmatukaKanji version - 上に 
    dcnot to be confused with uede 
    Amatuka(Nicked from somebody else's post) 'Could have the connotation of "adding insult to injury"' 
    MikiThe exmple is awkward for me. Have no idea to correct it using 上に. 
    AmatukaThat's what I get for nicking stuff off news-sites.
    I'll have to see if I can find a better example.
    AmatukaI've also tried going over the English translation again - it wasn't very impressive.  
    ljfurlongAny chance of making this searchable via its kanji form? Almost missed it searching with 上に. 
    dci changed the japanese of the entry to 上に, as i think you're right - that is the most common way this phrase is written. beginners can work with the romaji... 
    SynonymousAnother apt translation of the term: "on top of". ("On top of it being cold, it was windy." "On top of losing our way, we were caught in a rainstorm.") 

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