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訳 [わけ] (wake)
    Meaning: meaning; reason; circumstances
    Example: And by that reasoning ...
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #902   [that]と言うわけで、[this] 
And for [that] reason [this]  
ex #903   僕は決して農業が嫌いなじゃない。  
By no means do I dislike farming. (Lit: The reason is not that I dislike farming)  
ex #904   私はもなく悲しくなった。 
I felt sad for no reason .  
ex #1268   わけありの二人 
A couple with some amorous circumstances  
ex #1269   それを纏めるのはわけはない 
Not difficult to resolve that issue.  
ex #1270   それとこれとはわけが違う 
You are trying to compare apples and oranges.  
ex #4960   そういうわけには行かない. 
That is not the way the ball bounces.  
ex #4961   訳の判らぬことを言うな。 
Don't tell me such nonsense!  
ex #5735   たとえアルバイトしても、勉強を残るわけにはいかない。. 
Even if you do have a part-time job, that's no reason to drop your study. .  
ex #6990   そんなにたくさん食べられるないよ!  
There's no way I can eat that much!  
ex #6991   彼女の部屋に行った事があるないよ! 
There's no way I've been to her room!  
ex #8049   毎日三時間も日本語を勉強しているんですか。 よく出来るわけですね。wake 
(Are you studying Japanese(as long as)three hours every day? No wonder your Japanese is good.) wake  

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AmatukaOften used with "わけじゃない" for "not like that",
"that's not the reason"
hatsumomois it ok to say this?

(unagi is delicious. thats why I eat it every week).
MikiYes, it's ok but I think それが毎週食べる訳です。is more natural. 
dcwake like zen wasabi seems one of the most difficult multipurpose phrases to translate in japanese. it means reason, circumstance, method, many things. 
MikiWhat is zen wasabi? Do you mean wabi sabi? 
bamboo4それが毎週食べる訳です might be そのわけで毎週食べてます.
I kinda like "zen wasabi" as a subsitute for "wabi and sabi"!
KotatsuSama私は 訳 もなく悲しくなった。
shouldn't it be:
私は 訳 もなくて悲しくなった。
bamboo4訳 もなく悲しくなった is better, while the other is kind of awkward. 
hkhkhk8888”わけ” is usually use in oral ? moreover, is it same use to "理由”? appreciate in teaching me. 
Miki"訳(わけ)" is used in oral and written.
訳 does not always mean 理由 as you can see english for this 訳 entry. 訳 in ex #1268, #1269, #1270 means different from "理由".
bamboo4わけ originally comes from the act of dividing things into what is right and what is wrong.Therefore, わけ came to mean "reason" or the rationale of how things are done. That later got expanded to include the amorous relationship in the sense of "there is a reason for them to be together or in love," as suggested by #1268.
1.〜ということが納得できる (no wonder.../ that's why....)

2. 〜という結論になる; Note:「〜というわけだ」の形も多い。
e.g. 「200キロ1000円なら、2000円で400キロ買えるわけだ。」
「〜というわけだ。」: (Therefore) 〜as a conclusion / 〜as a result / "By this reason....., therefore can be concluded that 〜"/ "It can be said that 〜 as a conclusion/result"

「〜というわけで...」: "By 〜 as the conclusion,... "/ "Concluding with 〜 as a result,..."

「〜というわけではない」: "It can't be concluded that 〜" / "It doesn't mean that 〜" / "It doesn't follow that 〜 as a conclusion/result"

〜次第だ:〜というわけだ (事情/経過を示す)
e.g.「 ...。以上のような次第で、....」=
Miki#5735 勉強を残るわけにはいかない。doesn't make sense. Need to change the verb.
EvilKyraA slang term that's used a LOT is "訳分からない”:”I don't get it."/"what the heck are they talking about"... very useful! ^_^  

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