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〜わけだ ([〜わけだ] )(wakeda)
    Meaning: of course, expected result 〜(の)は当り前だ  〜(の)は当然の結果だ
    Example: Of course it's cold. ; As you would expect...
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: PurpleMoose

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The speaker's conclusion obtained through deductive, logical judgement or calculation on the basis of what he has heard or read.


(i) {V / Adj} (i) inf わけ だ
  {話す・話した}わけ だ (I take it that s.o. talks / talked)
  {食べる・食べた} わけ だ (I take it that s.o. eats / ate)
  {高い・高かった}わけ だ (I take it that s.o. is expensive / was expensive)

(ii) Adj (na) stem {な・だった}わけ だ
  {静かな・静かだった}わけ だ (I take it that s.o. is / was quiet)

(iii) N {という・だった}わけ だ
  {先生という・先生だった}わけ だ (I take it that s.o. is / was a teacher)

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ex #7709   また、テロがあったそうだ。空港の手荷物検査が厳重なわけだ 
Looks like there was another case of terrorism. As you'd expect, the inspection of carry-on luggage at the airport is really strict.  
ex #7710   「この部屋寒いですね。」「寒いわけです。窓が開いています。」  
"This room's pretty cold, huh." "Of course it's cold. The window is open"  
ex #7711   波が高いわけだ。台風が近づいているんだった。  
Of course the waves are high. I mean, there is a typhoon coming.  
ex #7712   子供が4人もいるから、私は毎日がんばって働いているわけです。 
I've got four kids, so as you'd expect, I work really hard every day.  
ex #8547   この道の辺りは渋滞であって、回り道わけだ 
Around of this road A congestion, detour of course  

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