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<< warini | when it comes?? 母は料理にかけるとだれにも負けな >>

割りに(は) ([わりに(は)] )(warini(wa))
    Meaning: comparatively; very... 想像/卵z以上に; 他とくらべて思った以上であったり、かなりの程度であるさま。
    Example: 年の割りに若く見える.= She looks young for her age./値段の割りに品がいい. = The quality is reasonably good for its price.
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: Linka

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comparatively, relatively

(in a relative manner)

the situation is relatively calm now 状態は今比較的穏やかである

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    mdchachiIt wouldn't let me add example sentences. Let's try a comment.
    Crime doesn't pay.

    (She's) skilled for a first grader.
    bshockIt was very kind of you to contribute. Can you help to explain the distinction between this use of "wari ni" and the one already listed under JLPT 2? 

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