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〜を [〜を] (wo)
    Meaning: 'object marker' (also shown as 'o') 目的
    Example: That [←marked by object marker] please.
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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を follows a noun or place. It indicates that that noun is the direct object of the verb, that the place is the place of departure, or that the place was passed through.

を is romanized as "wo" or "o".

Amatuka said this below.

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ex #639   それください。[ sore wo kudasai ] 
That * please.  
ex #3076   新しいカメラ買った。「あたらしいカメラをかった」 
I bought * a new camera.  
ex #4946   私はチキンもらいます。 
I'll have * chicken.  
ex #4947   彼は「イマジン」歌いました。Kare wa "imagin" wo utaimashita 
He sang * "Imagine".  
ex #4948   仕事探している。Shigoto wo sagashiteiru 
I'm looking for * a job.  
ex #4949   飲む。Kusuri wo nomu 
Take * medicine.  
ex #5724   sukoshi nihongo (w)o hanashimasu. 少し日本語話します。「すこしにほんごはなします。」 
(I) speak a little * japanese.  
ex #8632   コーラ飲みました。 
I drank Coke.  

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  • wo-2    (Don't confuse target を wo with area passed through を wo) [Amatuka]
  • wo-3    (Don't confuse target を wo with departure point を wo) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaNote : The object marker を is said 'o' but may be written as either 'wo' or 'o' depending on romaji system used. 
AmatukaThe three uses of を wo are
1. objective / target (目的)
2. area passed through (通過点)
3. departure point (出発点)
Amatukaを is used to mark a noun or noun phrase.

N = noun.

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