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〜をおいて (を措いて) ([〜をおいて] )(wo oite)
    Meaning: apart from/leaving aside 〜を除いて。〜をさしおいて。
    Example: apart from you
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #5119   あなたをおいて、この会社の社長の適任者はいない  
Apart from you, there is noone suitable for this company's President.  
ex #6893   日本のミサから:「主よ、あなたは神の子キリスト、永遠の命の糧。あなたをおいて誰のところに行きましょう。」 
From the Japanese Mass: "Lord, you are Christ, the Son of God, Bread of eternal life. Without you, to whom should we go?"  
ex #7161   The personal computer is used at not only the office but also home recently. 
ex #8703   彼をおいて、この仕事を任せられる人間はいないだろう。  
ex #8704   まさか僕をおいてきぼりにするんじゃありますまいね。  
You are not going to leave me behind.  
ex #8705   我が社の危機を救える人は、あの人をおいて、他にはいないだろう。  

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Mikiを措いて wo oite followed by 〜ない or negative 
yookosoHow is this different from 以外 【いがい】? 

I'm wondering if this is grammatically correct?
Lorenzozonitabetai, I don't know if I can say that your sentence is grammatically incorrect, but I can say that I have a real tough time figuring out what it is supposed to be saying^^: "Except for what happened yesterday, how are (you, we...) going home today?" is how it reads to me. So, I'd have to say that for my two yen, it's probably not an ideal application of the grammar point. 
seanohaganCan we get some non-religious examples that can be used for normal communication? Should this really be a place to advertise religions? 
JoeypeteIt is just an example in the use of this grammar entry. Relax and get a life. 

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