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を禁じ得無い [をきんじえない] (wo kinjienai)
    Meaning: can't help feeling
    Example: I can't help feeling sorry for them
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #4337   孤児には同情をきんじえない 
I can’t help feeling sorry for the orphans.  
ex #5120   同情を禁じえない 
cant help feeling sorry for  
ex #5121   彼の愚かな振る舞いに怒りを禁じえなかった 
I could not control my anger at his silly behaviour.  
ex #5122   不安を禁じえない 
I can't help but be worried.  
ex #5123   彼は彼女に驚きを禁じえなかった 
He couldn't help but surprise her.  

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    dcis this the same as tenaranai 
    MikiTenaranaiis not the same as 禁じえない. 抑えられない can be the similar to 禁じえない.
    禁じえない would be used when you talk about feelings. 同情を抑えられない。
    blabbyI think the nuance is more towards "(I) can't control/supress".
    It is often used with 怒り,同情,驚き,失望,涙,笑い
    yookosoIs this just the verb 禁じる + 得る eru? If so, should it have it's own entry when eru already exists?  
    yookoso, you are right. 禁じる means 抑える or " to suppress", while 得ない means cannot or できない。禁じ得ない literally means 禁じることができない/抑えることができない or "unable to supress", but this grammar always used together with feelings such as 同情、驚き、失望、涙,.... 
    rebeccanolan[How would you change Ex.#5123 if you wanted to say:" He couldn't help being surprised by her." as opposed to the present meaning of "He couldn't help but surprise her."?] 

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